Universities that will get you the highest paying jobs in the UK


Do you want to get a high paying job in UK?Here is a list of universities which will get you the highest paying jobs—that can pay more than 20,000 Euros per year.

  1. University of Oxford

Depending on the level of education graduates with a degree get an average salary of 40,800 euros for starters. Oxford is known for producing the most successful graduates in the world. The salaries depend on the course that has been studied.

  1. University of Cambridge

The Cambridge university graduates have an employment rate of 91% especially the ones with an MBA in any course. An average salary for a graduate is $29, 481 annually.

  1. Imperial College London

The graduates from imperial college London earn a basic salary of 20, 381 euros per year. The additional cash they get sums it up to 54, 859 euros.

  1. University College London (UCL)

The average graduate salary for students from UCL is 40, 500 euros. That is the starting salary for any students with no work experience. After having some work experience, the salary can go up to 112, 500 euros in a year.

  1. The University of Edinburgh

The average salary for a graduate from Edinburgh is 31, 128 euros. When the additional cash they get is summed up they get up to 41, 690 euros.

  1. King’s College London

Employees who graduate from King’s College London earn an average salary of 33, 500 euros foe new employees.

  1. London School of Economics and Political Science

The graduates from this University get a salary of 38, 000 euros for a start. The salary upgrades as the person gains more experience in the field.

  1. The University Manchester

The starting salary for a Manchester graduate is 29,000 euros. As they get more expertise and year of experience, the salary increases.

  1. University of Bristol

The average salary for a graduate from Bristol University is 28, 500 euros. This is the starter salary for graduates who have just completed their courses.

  1. University of Glasgow

The starter salary for students from the University of Glasgow is 26, 000 euros. At the beginning of the career a graduate gets their salaries depending on the course they have studied.

  1. University of Warwick

The average salary for graduate from the University of Warwick at the start ranges from 20, 000 to 30, 000 euros. Higher studies and experience enables one to earn a higher salary.

  1. University of Birmingham

The starting salary for students from Birmingham is 22, 000 euros depending on the field you have studied, but most salaries for starters range from there.

  1. University of Southampton

A Bachelor’s degree in the University of Southampton can get you up to 27, 000 euros as a starter pay in the job market. It is one of the prestigious institutions in London.

  1. University of Sheffield

The average salary for inexperienced professionals is 24, 000 euros, but as they gain more knowledge and expertise the salary increases gradually.

  1. Lancaster University

Graduates from the University of Lancaster earn up to 24, 000 euros. The level of education matters too. If it is an MBA graduate then the salary is higher since they have more knowledge on the job.

  1. Queen Mary University of London

The average salary for a student from Queen Mary University of London is 28, 000 euros. After some few years of experience the payment increases.

  1. University of Leeds

The average salary for a graduate from the University of Leeds is 24, 000 euros. Leeds is a prestigious university to do your studies if you want a good salary even before gaining experience.

  1. University of Nottingham

A University’s reputation plays a huge role on how people perceive you and the rank you will be given when looking for employment. The average salary for a student pursuing any degree in the University of Nottingham is 23, 000 euros.

  1. The University of Exeter

The basic salary given to a graduate from the university of Exeter is 26, 000. This varies with the course one has pursued in the institution. Different courses have different ranges of starting salaries.

  1. Newcastle University

For starters Students from Newcastle University earn an average salary of 25, 000 euros. The students can earn up to 112, 000 per year after gaining expertise.