Cost of Dedicated Server Hosting in Australia 2023


There are many dedicated server hosting providers in Australia. But it’s upon you to select the best. We are offering a list of the best dedicated servers in Australia and the cost of hosting for each server.


A$88.86 to A$4,546.76 per month

If your website gets traffic less than 1 million visitors per month, go for the cheapest dedicated server. The most expensive is for sites that receive over 10 million visitors per month.


AU$132.18 to AU$1,140.33 per month

Digital Pacific

AU$99.00 to AU $2,899.00 per month

Servers Australia

AU$99.00 to AU $1799.00 per month


AU$99 to AU$399 per month


AU$190 to AU$400 per month


AU$74.99 to AU $969 per month

Crazy Domains

AU$234 to AU $819 per month

You can select one of the companies above and start hosting. Dedicated Server hosting is ideal for heavy traffic websites. Your website will not share space with other websites, which is important for its growth.