Cost of .com domain registration in USA 2024


There are many web hosting companies in USA which offer domain registration. The cost of .com domain registration is $10 to $30.You will be required to renew the domain based on the number of years you registered the domain. Domain renewal per year costs $10 to $30.

Below is the cost of .com domain registration per hosting company in USA:

A2 Hosting—$11.99 per year,click here to buy

Hostgator—$12.99 per year

SiteGrond—$17.99 per year

Bluehost—$12.99 per year

Hostinger—-$15.99 per year or $4.99 for the first year

Truehost—$7.95 per year

DreamHost—$8.99 registration and $19.99 renewal.

Namecheap—$5.98 per year during registration and $13.98 during renewal.

Neolo—-$15.00 per year

Some hosting companies will provide free domains as long as you buy hosting services.