Cost of Hosting a new website in USA 2024


In USA there are many web hosting providers which offer cheap hosting packages for new websites. You can host your site for 1 month or annually. Normally, when paying annually, it’s cheaper than paying monthly. Shared Hosting or WordPress hosting are the two types of hosting for new websites and blogs.

To host a new site per year, it costs $80 to $150 and in a month, it will cost $5 to $20.

Below are the hosting prices for specific packages by leading hosting companies in the world:

  1. HostGator

Hatchling Plan(Shared Hosting)—$3.75 per month

  1. A2 Hosting

Startup Plan(Shared Hosting)—$2.99 per month

  1. SiteGround

StartUp Plan(Shared Hosting)—$3.99 per month

  1. Bluehost

Basic Plan(Shared Hosting)—$2.95 per month

  1. Hostinger

Premium Plan(Shared Hosting)—$2.49 per month

  1. Inmotion

Core Plan(Shared Hosting)—-$2.99 per month

  1. DreamHost

Shared Starter(Shared Hosting)—-$2.59 per month

  1. Namecheap

Stellar Plan(Shared Hosting)—$1.98 per month

  1. Neolo

Unlimited Plan(Shared Hosting)—$5.67 per month

  1. Winkhosting

Personal Plan(Shared Hosting)—-$14.75 per year

It’s upon you to choose the right web hosting provider.All the listed companies are reliable.

Choose either WordPress or Shared Hosting because those are the two cheapest types of hosting. You know, a new blog doesn’t require a lot of resources, which is why VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting are not considered at this stage.