Salary of president of Kenya


The President of Kenya earns a monthly salary of Ksh 1.4 million. This money is exclusive of benefits. If you include allowances and other benefits, the president takes home Ksh 10 million per month which is equivalent to Ksh 120 million per year

The President of Kenya is not entirely depending on his salary. His position comes with many privileges. State House receives over Ksh 10 billion annually, money that is not audited. The president also has access to tenders and many other deals. Someone will become a president today with a net worth of Ksh 5 billion and after 10 years, his net worth is Ksh 200 billion. Salary alone cannot generate all this money.

In Kenya, the best position you can occupy is that of a president. Unless you are lazy, there is no way you will retire poor —-you will be among the richest Kenyans.