Is Diploma in Pharmacy Marketable in Kenya


Diploma in Pharmacy is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya. With such a diploma you will work in several areas, including hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

One of the ways to know that a course is marketable is to see whether there are options of self-employment. As a pharmacist you will be given a license to own a Chemist, clinic or a pharmaceutical company. In case you don’t want to employ yourself, you will easily secure employment in Kenya.

Pharmacists make Ksh 60,000 and above per month whether self-employed or in formal employment. Those owning Chemists in busy areas like Nairobi CBD and Eastleigh can make up to Ksh 1 million per month.

Pharmacy is one course you will pursue and never worry about your future…simply because you are guaranteed a jobs.

In Kenya, if you want to be 100% assured of employment, pursue Nursing, Pharmacy, Piloting or Medicine courses.

There are a number of colleges and universities in Kenya offering Diploma in Pharmacy, among the best are: University of Nairobi and KMTC.

To enroll for the diploma course, Minimum Requirements include:

KCSE mean grade of C (Plain) or equivalent; in addition, a minimum grade of C in the following cluster subjects:

Biology/Biological Sciences;

Chemistry/Physical Sciences;

English or Kiswahili;

Mathematics or Physics.

The Pharmacy diploma course takes 3 calendar years. With a minimum of credit pass, the diploma graduate may be allowed to enter the 5-year degree course.

Instead of pursuing a degree course which is not marketable, enroll for a diploma in Pharmacy and you will enjoy life after college.