Can I Fail to Get a Job in Kenya with a First Class?


If you get a first class in the university in Kenya, chances of securing a job are high but it’s not automatic that you will get a job. Chances of getting a jobs are 30%-50%. There are many cases of Kenyans who got first classes and ended up being jobless for many years, others gave up.

Getting a job in Kenya depends on many factors, sometimes the grade you scored may not be the main determinant. Who you know, what you can deliver, available opportunities and luck are the major determinants. Where competition is stiff, it’s almost impossible to get a job because of vested interests from employees of those companies, politicians and the who is who in the business world.

You may also get a first class in an easy course like BCom, Economics or Hotel Management. Searching for employment, you realize that there are 200 others with the same grade in such courses. To get a job in such a case is difficult—only luck will help you.

When you get a first class, don’t assume that the road will be smooth for you. Don’t be too comfortable. Enroll for a professional course to supplement your university skills. With a first class in BCom and CFA qualification, you will stand out, hence becoming easy for you to secure employment.

First Class is ideal for people who want to get into the academic world, where you pursue Masters, PhD and eventually become a lecturer. In Kenya, it’s easy to become a lecturer with a first class grad. My best advice for you is to enroll for Masters and PhD immediately you graduate with a Bachelor’s course. Later look for an opportunity in local universities as a lecturer.

Another easy route to take once you get a first class is to apply for a scholarship abroad.UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Japan are some of the countries with best scholarships. In case you secure a scholarship in those countries, you will easily secure employment there.

Courses that will give you a job easily in Kenya if you got first class

  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  2. Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery
  3. Bachelor of Statistics + CFA
  4. Bachelor of Actuarial Science +Actuarial Professional courses
  5. Bachelor of Computer Science+ a professional course
  6. Bachelor of Commerce + CFA
  7. Bachelor of Architecture
  8. Bachelor of IT
  9. Bachelor of Law

One thing a first class will give you are interviews. For the first two years after graduation, you will attend many Graduate Trainee interviews. It’s during interviews that you will show your competence, skills and qualifications.

I will repeat again—getting a first class is not a guarantee that you will easily secure employment.

In case you fail to get employment 2-5 years after graduation, start working online and make money. You can become a blogger, become a YouTuber, make money through affiliate marketing, Remotasks or Academic Writing. This way, you will make yourself busy as you make money.