Can I get a job with Second Class Lower in Actuarial Science


If you score second class lower division in Actuarial Science chances of getting a job are low, they are lower than for those who scored first class or second class upper division. When fresh from college, you will be searching for graduate trainee jobs. Most of the jobs at this stage do not employ second class lower division.

Don’t get scared or discouraged in case you score second lower. One of the things to do in order to boost your chances of getting a job is to pursue a professional course in Actuarial Science or CFA.When your potential employer realizes that you possess a professional certification in Actuarial Science from UK or USA, he will automatically consider you for employment. You will even be given first priority in the interview panel.

The three professional certifications I will recommend are: CFA, ACCA or Actuarial Certification. Once you possess any of these courses, you are sure of getting a job.

Another way to get a job is to apply for internship in any organization. Once you get the internship, the experience will enable you secure employment.

In case you have money, enroll for a Masters course from abroad.UK, USA, Australia and Canada are countries with the best universities. Even with a second lower grade, once you’ve graduated with a Masters from any of those countries, it will become easy for you to get a job.

Still even with a second class lower, you can get a job in Kenya. Banks, insurance companies and government institutions can employ you without considering your university grade. Immediately you graduate, drop your CV in local banks, they will consider you for employment.

There are also many online jobs for Actuaries. Search for remote jobs and apply for them. They are only interested in your competence. Remotasks is one of the companies employing Actuaries and other fresh graduates.