Highest paying Audit Companies in Uganda


Auditing is one of the best paying careers in Uganda. If you pass with flying colours from the university with a degree in a business related course, Actuarial Science, Mathematics or Statistics, look for a job in an audit firm in Uganda. The highest paying audit companies pay graduate trainees UGX 800,000 to UGX 1.2 million per month.

Below we list the best audit companies to work for in Uganda and the salaries they pay fresh graduates per month.


KPMG is among the BIG 4 firms in Uganda and it’s among the highest paying audit firms in the country. The company recruits fresh graduates annually who have excelled in their studies. Starting salary ranges between UGX 800,000 and UGX 1.5 million per month.

At senior level, Auditors earn over UGX 4 million per month.


Deloitte is also among the best paying audit firms in Uganda. If you get a chance of working for this company, your salary will be decent. Fresh graduates earn as high as UGX 2 million per month. With over 5 years of experience, your monthly salary will be above UGX 2.5 million.


When looking for a job, don’t overlook Ernest & Young, they pay well. With second upper or first class, you will secure a position at Ernest & Young. Your monthly salary as a fresh graduate will be UGX 700,000 to UGX 1.4 million.

To be sure of getting a job here, pursue ACCA, CPA or CFA professional courses.


Mulex Partners pay a starting salary of UGX 500,000 to UGX 800,000. Experienced auditors earn more than UGX 1 million monthly.


Bubara Associates recruits graduates with accounting, finance, actuarial science or economics degree. Auditors earn UGX 600,000 to UGX 2 million per month.


At Crowe LLP you will earn over UGX 500,000 monthly. With MBA and CPA course, you will make above UGX 1.5 million per month.


You should also consider Duhen Associates as your potential employer. Their salaries are among the highest in the industy.You will be paid over UGX 700,000 monthly in your early years.


PWC is among top 2 best Audit firms in Uganda. It employs top cream from the university. To secure a job here, you must be among the best in your college. You should also be a holder of CPA, ACCA or CFA professional courses. If you pursued Actuarial Science in the university, don’t forget to pursue Actuarial professional course.

If you get a job at PWC, you have arrived. Your monthly salary will be over UGX 1 million per month. Working at the institution for more than 3 years will guarantee you a salary of above UGX 2 million per month.


Sinapi Accounting and Bookkeeping is also be a good employer. You will be sure of earning over UGX 400,000 per month even without professional experience.


You should also consider Grant Thornton Uganda during your pursuit for employment in Uganda.Your monthly salary will be in the neigbhourhood of UGX 900,000.


Also to be considered is BWK associates which has positioned itself as one of the best audit firms in Uganda. Fresh graduates without any practical experience earn at least UGX 550,000 monthly. With over 5 years of experience, expect a salary range of UGX 1.2 million-UGX 2 million.


Starting salary here is over UGX 400,000 per month


Expect to be paid over UGX 600,000 per month when you hold a degree and some professional experience.


PrimeGlobal is rated highly in terms of salaries.If your papers are good,the monthly pay won’t be below UGX 700,000

RSM Global

RSM Global has offices in many countries. One thing as a job seeker you should look at is whether a company has an international presence. Companies with international presence pay better than those formed locally.RSM pays really well especially for experienced auditors. Expect your salary to be in the tune of UGX 1.2 million per month


PKF is also a good employer. With Second Class Upper division and CPA, chances of securing employment at PKF are high. You will be paid UGX 600,000 to UGX 800,000 as starting salary.