List of Jobs that will not exist in Kenya in future


There are a number of jobs which will not exist in Kenya in future. If you are doing some of these jobs, better change your career.

Bank Teller

In future Bank tellers won’t be required because nearly everyone will be transacting through Mpesa.Even now, if you visit any bank, you’ll notice that only one or two tellers are available.

Customer Service

Safaricom is one of the companies which used to employ many customer service staff. They have reduced the staff to less than 100 across the country. This is because one doesn’t have to call Safaricom to get assistance, you get all the instructions by pressing your phone button. If you are not helped through the phone buttons, visit their social media pages and get help from them.

Instead of pursuing customer service course, learn skills on social media management.

Web Designer

In future Web designer jobs will not exist. Websites will be built by AI tools. All you need is to instruct AI on the type of website you want and it’s built in minutes. All the codes are within the AI code.

Academic writer

Academic writers have also been replaced by AI. In future, these jobs won’t exist. ChatGPT will write proposal and analyze a project within minutes. You only need to acquire advanced ChatGPT version which can do all the work.

If you have been doing academic writing, better start thinking on something else to do.


Another career that’s going extinct in Kenya is blogging. Google is now favouring high authority websites. It will be extremely difficult for new websites to get traffic in future. Independent bloggers will have to look for something else to do other than blogging.

There is also AI overview which summarizes content and result from the internet. This means that in future, chances of your blog getting organic traffic will be slim.

Insurance Financial Advisors

Insurance Financial Advisors are those individuals who move from one office to the other to convince people into buying insurance policies. In future, these jobs won’t exist because insurance companies will be marketing their products online. The companies will also introduce affiliate marketing where online marketers will bring customers and earn commissions.

Data Entry

Data Entry jobs won’t exist in future.AI tools will do all the work and produce reports.

Postal workers

Nowadays people don’t send letters through Posta. They use emails, WhatsApp, and other social media channels. They also make calls and send messages. Eventually, those working in our postal offices will be retrenched.


Those people studying information science, library science and related courses should not imagine of working in Libraries. People don’t visit libraries anymore, they read online.


When you have smartphone, do you need a photographer? Even in events, you can tell one of the attendants to take photos.

Watch repairers

More than 90% of Kenyans don’t wear watches. Watch repairers will be jobless in future.

Matatu Conductor

Long distance shuttles don’t have conductors. Soon even the short distance matatus will do away with conductors especially when the cashless system is fully implemented. There will be a system where you pay and the door opens. If you don’t pay the door does not open.

Cyber Café attendant

The number of Cyber Cafes in Kenya are reducing over time. Cyber Café attendant jobs won’t exist in future.


There are machines for cutting hair nowadays and many people are buying to shave at home.In future hakutakuwa na kinyozi Kenya.

Traffic police

Traffic police are only on temporary basis.In future there will be cameras in all the roads to monitor vehicles. There will be instant fines which are paid through Mpesa.Traffic police won’t exist

Petrol attendant

In USA there is nothing like Petrol Attendant, you serve yourself. That system will be available in Kenya soon and Petrol Attendants won’t be needed.


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