Why Most Blogs in Kenya Are Closing Down


Most Blogs in Kenya are closing down and the trend will continue as a number of the existing ones continue to struggle. One problem Kenyan blogs are facing is that they solely depend on AdSense for income. While that’s not an issue, the major problem that the income is not sufficient enough to run the blogs.

Over the past one year, three major blogs have closed business in the country, they include:

  • Niaje
  • Hivisasa
  • Zumi

Niaje was closed because the owner relocated to another country where he didn’t have time to update it.Zumi also closed shop in 2019 and the main reason is that it did not get enough advertisers. In fact, Zumi was running on losses ever since it was launched in Kenya.Hivisasa was closed on 29 January 2019 after operating in the country for 6 years. The major reason it was closed is because its AdSense account was disabled.

In the near future more blogs are expected to close business, one of them is Pulselive.One main reason for this is that the money generated is not enough to pay their boated staff. Tuko is also another blog that is facing numerous challenges.

Kenya is one country with bloggers who aren’t innovative enough. One peculiar thing is that only a small percentage of blogs have unique content, the rest copy from each other. You will read a certain post in blog X and when you move to blog Y you find the same content there. The article is posted by more than 10 blogs.

Another issue facing most blogs is that they are rigid in terms of income streams, almost all of them depend on AdSense to generate revenue. Assuming a certain site generates 100% of its revenue from AdSense by bad luck the account is disabled, that site will be closed.

In short, the major reason most blogs are closing is because they don’t generate enough revenue to sustain them.


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