My Worst Blogging Experience


I have been a blogger since 2011 and it’s strange that I haven’t narrated my worst experiences as a blogger. You know, when you join this industry, no one will tell you what you’ll meet, it’s after a couple of months that you’ll come face to face with real life experience which is manifested online.

I will simply reveal what I have faced so far to help those who are just starting get prepared.

  1. Website numbers

I know most of you are wondering why this one is a challenge. Well, when I started by first website in 2011 I thought I could get millions of readers flocking to my site every now and then. I posted 5 articles and waited, to my surprise, nobody was interested in my content. I went ahead and posted 10 more, this time I was more optimistic. Shockingly, again nobody was interested. It took almost 3 months to get few readers to read my articles.

I noticed that when you start any business, you’ll go through a rough journey before breaking even. What I went through for 6 months almost killed my hopes, I was extremely depressed. Imagine for six months only 100 people read my articles. There is a time I even thought I was forcing myself on readers. No matter how good I wrote my articles, nobody noticed my efforts.

  • Worst hosting experience

Before I migrated by websites to Kinsta and Bluehost, I had the worst experience with a local web hosting company. All my five websites were being hosted by one hosting company. One day I posted an article about the death of a popular celebrity, that article went viral. In a few minutes, more than 100,000 people had read it. One hour later, I realized that my website had been suspended. What broke my heart is the revenue I lost for the two days my site was offline. The hosting company had a policy that if a website exceeds resource limit, it’s suspended.

That week I lost over $300 in revenues simply because of the hosting company.

After about 3 weeks, I again faced the problem. I can honestly reveal that there is nothing traumatizing for a blogger like waking up ready to work only to realize that all your sites are suspended.

In that year again, all my sites were infected with viruses. I was forced to spend $100 to clean the sites.

I later said enough is enough and looked for better web hosting company. It’s after thorough research that I landed on Kinsta and Bluehost.Since then, all my sites have been hosted by the two sites. Kinsta hosts the most popular sites while Bluehost is for low traffic sites.

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  • Court case

One of my worst experiences in blogging was when I had a court case. In 2015 I wrote a certain story about the government, it was a sensitive story. One-day law caught up with me, I was arrested and put in a cell for three good days. That was the first time I was in a cell and the experience was humbling. But the three years I was battling the case strengthened me. To be honest, that was the time my websites grew tremendously.

One thing I came to understand is that as a blogger, you might post a story innocently thinking that it won’t put you in trouble, but after few days, you get arrested. It’s after I completed my court case that I realized anyone can be jailed.

  • Threatening messages from fellow bloggers.

There is competition everywhere. One of my blogs grew to the extent of threatening established media houses. In the process I started receiving threatening messages, most of them informing me to go slow. The competitors even went ahead to deliberately click on my AdSense account so that it can be disabled. I had to remove the adverts from my websites.


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