Why Every journalist should Own a Blog


In this era every journalist should own a blog whether they are employed or not. As you work for your employer, your side hustle should be blogging.

I have come up with this article because of what I saw my friend going through. In 2008 James secured a lucrative job at a leading media house, his monthly salary was $10,000. His salary kept rising until it reached $20,000. James was comfortable, he worked hard to please his employers. The employer also reciprocated by promoting him. By 2017 he was a Senior Editor. Everyone was admiring his life, I also joined the rest in doing so.

In 2019 February, I got a call from James, that time I was taking breakfast. I remember that day very well. James was sad, his voice shaky. “Our company is restructuring and I was one of the affected members”, he told me.

After two weeks James was out of work. Unfortunately, he had put all his hopes and future in the company. Life started becoming hard, harder until he relocated to a smaller house. Eventually, he was forced to look for part time writing jobs.

You see, when you are employed by someone, life can change anytime. It’s important that you have something to fall back to.

Nowadays, most journalists own blogs and Facebook pages where they advertise business for their clients. Having such plan B gives them confidence that even if they lose their jobs, it would be easier for them to adapt to a new life.

How to own a blog as a journalist

The first step is to buy a domain name, click here to buy from Bluehost at $11, then pay for hosting plan,it will cost you $3.95 per month. After paying for the hosting services, then contact us on hostingvoice@gmail.com to design a website for you. The entire process will take less than one week.

Start by writing one article per week, post regularly until your blog becomes popular. At the end of the day, you’ll realize that your blog generates more income than your full time job.