How Long Should a Blog Post Be


There is no specific rule defining the length of a blog post but in the world of competition, a blogger should ensure that each blog post has an average of 1,000 words. However, there are several factors that determine the length of a blog post, they include niche, domain authority and the target audience.

For a new blog which is aiming to monetize with AdSense, the length of each article should be above 1,000. Google bots works better with long articles because they are able to go through the content and understand what it’s all about. Long articles rank better than the short ones in search engines. If you write an article of 500 words and another one writes a similar article in 1,000 words, the one for 1,000 words will rank better.

When writing an article, you should also understand your readers. Some people prefer short and simple articles while others prefer long articles. For instance, if someone is searching for testimonial articles, they would prefer long and motivating ones. The article featuring testimonies must be above 1,000 words.

Here is the number of words your blog post should have based on niche


300 to 1,000 words

Breaking News

100 to 1,000 words

General News

400 to 1,000 words


300 to 2,000 words


500 to 3,000 words


100 to 1,000 words


500 to 1,500 words


300 to 2,000 words


700 to 4,000 words


500 to 5,000 words


500 to 2,500 words


500 to 1,500 words


200 to 1,000 words


500-1,500 words

Real Estate

300 to 1,000 words


300 to 1,000

There are some niches which work better with images, dating, entertainment and fashion are among them. With dating, readers are only interested in the contacts and photos, they won’t even read most of the things in the story. For breaking news, people are interested to know what really happened, when they are through, they’ll move to the next story. Breaking News should not necessarily have many words, even 100 words are enough. Sites like TMZ would break a story with 100 words and still it ranks on page one of Google.

Career, testimonies and business stories should be long and well structured. People who come to read these stories need clear and comprehensive answers. The stories can be even 4,000 words long.

If you are monetizing with AdSense, no matter which niche you specialize on, make sure the articles are long. The adverts will be optimized and well targeted if your articles are long. Short articles attract adverts with low CPC.