Benefits of Owning More Than One Blog


It’s important for bloggers to understand the secrets of surviving in this competitive environment. One of the secrets is to own more than one blog. You will not discover this until something strange happens with your only blog.

Most bloggers I interact with own more than two blogs. They do so because they know the dangers of having one blog which is so popular. Here is why you should also own more than one blog;

  1. Back up

In case one blog is down, you will turn to the other blog. A back up blog will help you especially if traffic and revenue for the main blog reduce.

And if the main blog is hacked, you won’t find it hard to continue with the remaining blog.

It’s very painful to start a blog from scratch.

  • More revenue

If you are monetizing with AdSense, two blogs will generate more revenue than just a single blog.

One blog can generate average of $1,000 every month from AdSense if unique visits exceed 100,000 per month. If there are two blogs and both are monetizing with AdSense, the revenue must be more than $1,000.

If you dedicate equal time and energy to both blogs, you’ll definitely realize more revenues.

  • Competition

There are people who religiously copy your content. By owning more than two blogs, they will be confused and eventually give up. One of the blogs should be monetized by affiliate marketing and sponsored content. It’s usually hard for other bloggers to copy affiliate marketing content because it contains links.

  • Niche sites

Some bloggers prefer to cover more than one niche. Research shows that bloggers who strictly post articles from a single niche grow faster than those whose blogs have a collection of articles from more than one niche.

If you are to venture into more than niche, it’s better you create separate sites for each niche. You will develop authority faster if every site covers separate niche.