Number of articles Bloggers Should Post Per Day


My experience in blogging span over 10 years, I run 6 blogs with over 10 million page views per month. Everything I would say here is from my own experience. It’s not uncommon that every new blogger would want to know the ideal number of blog posts they should post per day. Well, based on my experience I would say 3 blog posts. But the answer does not end there, there are several factors that determine the number of articles you should post.

Many bloggers especially those with zero passion towards blogging would post as many blog posts as possible during the first days but the number decrease drastically over time. Even those with passion would do the same but their energy is almost constant afterwards. As a new blogger, everyone is excited to post online but the excitement ends the moment they realize that nobody is searching for the content. New blogs take up to 1 year to start attracting readers, which is something new bloggers don’t know.

One factor that determines the number of articles you should post per day is whether blogging is your full time job or not. If you don’t have anything to do apart from blogging, you’ll have more time to write and as a result, one can write upwards of 5 blog posts.

The length of blog posts. The longer your blog posts the fewer the number. Here is the number of blog posts you can write based on the length:

4,000 words—2 blog posts per day

3,000 words—3 blog posts per day

2,000 words—4 blog posts per day

1,000 words—5 blog posts per day

500-999 words—7 blog posts per day

100-500 words—5-20 blog posts per day

It’s hard to write more than 2 blog posts of 4,000 words in one day. Even completing two articles is not a mean feat.

Niche. There are niches which require bloggers to post as many articles as possible. For instance, if one is focusing on news, politics and entertainment niches, they have to post more than 5 articles per day. For those in health, career or finance, you don’t have to write on daily basis.

Age of your blog. New blogs need more articles for them to grow. When a blog is less than 1-year-old, it should always have fresh content. On average, a blog takes 6 months to 1 year to rank on Google but if the owner posts at least one blog post per day, ranking will not take more than 3 months.

When I create a new blog, I make sure that I post at least 3 articles every day. It takes the blog 3-6 months to start ranking on Google. Within one year, almost all the articles appear on page one.

Passion: Passion is another factor that contributes to the number of articles one posts per day. Those bloggers with passion post more because they enjoy what they do but those who join the field because of things like money, end up being discouraged, they rarely post. When you love what you do, the average posts to generate per day are 5.

Income. The last factor that contributes to the number of articles one posts is income. The more income one gets the higher the number of articles they post. Research shows that bloggers earning above $1,000 every month post over 3 articles per day. Those blogger earning less post less than 3 articles per week.


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