How to determine the amount of money to pay for Sponsored Posts


Sponsored Posts is one way of promoting a company’s products online. The amount of money to pay for advertising via sponsored posts is determined by various factors. Before you finally part with your money, it’s important that you consider the following factors.

  1. Age of the blog

The age of the blog you wish to post your articles matters a lot. When wine stays for long, it increases in value, the same case applies for a blog. Older blogs will rank better than new ones, and it’s because of this that you should consider age.

You should always target blogs that which are 2 years old and above.

  • Traffic of the website

Do some background check through SEO tools like Alexa and Similarweb.These tools will help you to determine whether you are about to advertise on authority blog or not. The more popular a blog is the better.

If a blog is ranked above 100,000 worldwide, that’s a serious blog, you should pay handsomely for Sponsored articles to be posted there.

Here is what you should pay against number of visits:

20,000 page views–$50

50,000 page views–$70

100,000 page views–$120

300,000 to 500,000 page views–$150

600,000 to 1 million page views–$200

Above 1 million [age views—Above $300

  • Geographical location of readers

Google Analytics from the blog you’ll post your articles should inform you on which countries the readers come from. The sponsored post should be well targeted for it to bring value for money. If the article is targeting USA readers, the price of sponsored posts should be high.

  • Niche

A gambling/Casino article should target gamblers. It’s not wise to post a sponsored article on career niche. Casino niche blog will do better in this case regardless of the number of visits. So your article should be well targeted so as to capture maximum attention from readers.

You should pay more for relevant niche.

  • Back links

Another determining factor is backlinks of a blog. If there are thousands of links pointing towards a blog, then it means it’s an authority blog. The amount to pay for sponsored post should be high.

  • Where owners reside

The amount to pay for US bloggers should not be the same as those to pay for bloggers from developing countries where cost of living is low.

Bloggers in African countries can accept as little as $10 while those in the US will see the money as peanuts. First, know where a blogger comes from before negotiating a price.

Finally, if you wish to post a sponsored article here, contact us on

Always make sure that the following conditions are met when posting the article:

  • It should not be labelled as “sponsored’
  • The article should have do-follow links
  • It should remain in the home page for at least 24 hours
  • The article should only be edited with permission from the advertiser
  • The article should remain permanent in the website


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