Bloggers Income Reports February 2020


Every month, we sample income reports of bloggers from around the world. There are bloggers who reveal their income status while others opt to make it a secret. However, based on traffic numbers and the monetization strategies employed by various top bloggers, we are able to determine the estimates of what they earn.

What’s clear is that the income gap between top bloggers and the upcoming ones continues to widen. This is because top bloggers have their articles ranked on page one of search engine, making it easy for them to be accessible.

We would summarize the estimates of incomes generated by various bloggers and the amount of page views each of them gets.

Blogblossom $186.78 10,000
Shoutmeloud $30,000 1,500,000
Adam Enfroy $42,154 231,524
Thyme and Joy $1411.15 20,000
Tuko News $45,000 16,000,000
Smart Passive Income $250,000 2,500,000
Bloggerpassion $10,000 1,500,000
Making Sense of Cents $170,000 500,000
Ghafla $8,000 5,000,000
Linda Ikeji $200,000 20,000,000
Kenyan Post $3,000 900,000

These are just a few of the income reports as reported by the bloggers. From the table above, there is something clear, that traffic may not necessarily translate to income…there are bloggers who attract few number of readers yet they earn more than those attracting millions of readers. The lucky bloggers are those monetizing with affiliate programs. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that one can get 2 readers per day and still make $100 that single day. For AdSense, in order to make $100, one has to get more than 30,000 readers in a single day.

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There is nothing that can prevent you from making more than $10,000 monthly. Here online it’s a free world, no limits. I like the fact that the income we make is mostly not subjected to tax.We also don’t incur many expenses.


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