Most Flooded Niches for Bloggers in Kenya


There are niches in Kenya bloggers should avoid at all costs because they are flooded. Almost every new blog being created are leaning towards the most flooded areas. The sad thing is that niches like Agriculture and mortgage are not in the minds of bloggers.

One thing about the most flooded niches is that they attract the highest number of visitors. Majority of bloggers avoid the less flooded niches because they are not attractive enough to Kenyans. But if one concentrates on a niche like Agriculture, they would attract the best and most expensive adverts in the industry.

Below are the most flooded niches in Kenya:

  1. News

News is definitely the most popular yet the most flooded niche. There are over 2,000 news blogs in the country. Every media house in Kenya owns a news blog, there are over 200 radio and TV stations in the country. The sad part is that search engines favour sites from established media houses. This means that even if you create a wonderful blog, it will be extremely hard to compete with the likes of Daily Nation and Standard Media.

  • Entertainment

Entertainment is also flooded. It’s also one industry that’s not doing well at the moment because of Facebook. Everything one need to search for online is found on Facebook. The only entertainment blogs that have survived are S.D.E and Ghafla.We have seen blogs like Zumi and Niaje closing shop.Recently,Hivi Sasa also closed its business in the country.

Google AdSense is also not kind to entertainment blogs. Ghafla, Kahawatungu and Daily Post Kenya lost their accounts because they were associated with adult content.

Entertainment niche gets a lion’s share when it comes to traffic but it has the lowest AdSense CPC.

  • Education/Career

Almost every blogger in Kenya has a category for education/career content. The niche was good five year ago but not anymore. There are the likes of Kenyaplex, Tuko, Venas News,Victor Matara and several others who have almost exhausted everything in the education industry. All the keywords have been documented online.

Even if you start education niche today, it will take several years to get noticed. The only positive thing is that the Adsense CPC for education content is high.

  • Politics

You will be cheating yourself if you think that a new politics niche site will beat the likes of Kenyans, Nation and Standard. This niche is certainly flooded and any new site will struggle forever.

Instead of launching a site posting about politics, it’s good to think of a site that fact checks stories posted by other websites.


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