Number of Bloggers in Kenya 2020


Latest statistics show that there are 3,100 bloggers in Kenya as of 2020.This represents 10% increase from approximately 2900 bloggers in 2019. The number of bloggers is estimated to double over the next 3 years as the level of unemployment continues to rise.

Out of the 3,100 bloggers, only 1,500 are active, others run rarely updated blogs. The most popular bloggers in Kenya include: Robert Alai, Cyprian Nyakundi and Bikozulu.Kenyan blogs receive an average of 20,000 page views per month with Tuko, Ghafla and Kenyans being the most popular blogs in the country. The average revenue of a blogger in Kenya is Ksh 25,000. Nearly,10 bloggers earn in excess of Ksh500,000 per month.

The number quoted above is for bloggers who run their own blogs, not people who own Facebook pages without running successful blogs.

Based on Alexa and Simliarweb statistics, here are the most visited blogs in Kenya 2020:

Nation—34 million page views per month

Standard Digital—30 million page views

Tuko—16 million page views per month

Citizen TV—12 million page views per month

Kenyans—10 million page views per month

The Star—8 million page views per month

Ghafla—6 million page views per month

K24 TV—5 million page views per month

The list is dominated by blogs which are owned by established media houses. You will also notice that news blogs are more popular than blogs from other niches.

90% of bloggers in Kenya monetize with AdSense, only a few use alternatives like MGID and affiliate marketing. The weirdest thing is that those in affiliate marketing earn more than those monetizing with Adsense.

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