Best Entertainment Blogs in Kenya


There are over 100 entertainment websites in Kenya, but only a couple of them can be considered the best. Something entertaining must be appealing to readers and should be consistent with news.

The problem with Kenyan bloggers is that most of them join the blogging industry expecting to make millions, which is not the case. Those who have benefitted most are the consistent bloggers as well as those who have focused on entertainment stories only.

If you want to follow the best entertainment blogs in Kenya, here is the list:

  1. S.D.E

Standard Digital Entertainment, commonly known as S.D.E is the best entertainment website in Kenya. Owned by Standard Media Group, S.D.E has cut a niche for itself for producing the most sensational entertainment news in the country.

The Nairobian is the main engine of S.D.E and it’s credited for propelling the blog to become among top 100 blogs in Kenya.

S.D.E receives a total of 1 million monthly visits and generates Ksh 2 million income every month.

  • Ghafla

Ghafla is also among top 3 best entertainment blogs in Kenya. The blog is owned by Majani who dropped out of an Engineering course at KU to become a blogger. Ghafla pulls in over Ksh1 million in profits every month.

Stories featured in Ghafla are purely for entertainment. Currently ranked position 112 in Kenya with an estimated 4 million monthly visits, Ghafla is a force to reckon with. The beauty of this blog is that it has not changed its philosophy—it’s all about entertainment.

Ghafla monetizes with MGID, direct banners, sponsored posts and featuring of events. Initially, there were AdSense adverts on the blog but were disabled in 2019 due to constant violation of AdSense policies.

  • Bikozulu

Women love Bikozulu because of his creativity. A single story on Bikozulu receives over 500 comments, it’s shared by more than 1,000 people.

When you are bored, Bikozulu is the best blog you should visit to entertain yourself. The stories featured there are full of creativity and with excellent flavours.

Though Bikozulu is not updated regularly, the few stories being posted on the blog are enough to entertain you.

  • Daily Post

From 2011 to 2013 Daily Post was the talk of town. Everyone who wanted to get entertained visited Daily Post for the juicy stories which the owner, Mr Obare, posted. The blog has not lost its taste though the ranking has reduced over time. The good thing is that every story where in the entertainment category or politics has excellent execution.

  • Nairobi News

Nairobi News is owned by Nation Media Group. It was purposely created to rival S.D.E and it has lived to the expectation of the brains behind it.

Nairobi News receives approximately 1.5 million page views per month and is among top 100 best blogs in Kenya. The site posts trending stories in the country especially in the entertainment industry.

  • Nairobi Wire

There was a time Nairobi Wire and Niaje used to dominate the entertainment industry but something strange happened to the owner of Niaje until he gave up the blog. Niaje was closed in 2017 leaving Nairobi Wire to compete with the likes of S.D.E.

Nairobi Wire is not aggressive enough, but one thing you’ll like about it is that their articles are original and unique.

  • Pulselive

Pulselive owners wanted to buy Ghafla but the deal was aborted when the potential buyers tried to play dirty. Later, Pulselive was launched with a domain but was later changed to

Ringier had big dreams when they entered the Kenyan market but their dreams faded gradually as Tuko and mpasho were launched and started dominating.

Though Pulselive isn’t as popular as the like of Tuko, it’s a blog worth mentioning.

  • Mpasho

Radio Africa wanted to acquire Ghafla in 2013.Caroline mutoko who was the Marketing Manager of Radio Africa invited Majani over the issue but Majani flatly refused. This forced Radio Africa to launch Mpasho which later became one of the best entertainment blogs in Kenya.

Anyone interested to read entertainment news must visit Mpasho,it’s the mother and father of small and medium entertainment blogs in Kenya.

The blog got a big blow in 2019 when it lost its AdSense account as well as revenue from Sportpesa.The management was forced to sack some of its workers to cut costs.