How to Promote Your New Blog in Kenya to Start Getting Traffic


Getting traffic for a new Kenyan blog is not a joke, you have to promote it in all platforms. Many of us when we created our blogs we thought that we could post a couple of articles and readers start flocking to read them, we were wrong. Even if you are a top blogger, it’s impossible to create a blog and within a few days, it starts getting traffic. A normal blog will take up to 1 year to start getting significant amount of traffic, but there are some SEO tips you need to be armed with in a bid to enhance the growth of your blog.

  1. Backlinks

Backlinks are important. Look for top sites like Venas News and post an article that has links to your blog. The blogs will charge as little as Ksh 5,000 for each blog post. I would suggest that you have a budget of Ksh20,000 to Ksh100,000 for backlinks. The more backlinks you have the better.

Always ensure that the blog you post your articles are authoritative enough to boost your traffic significantly.

When Google and other search engines realize that your new blog has backlinks from top sites, they will start sending traffic to your site. Instead of the blog taking 2 years to become popular, it will now take 2-6 months to be known.

  • Sharing on social media

Another sure way of promoting your website is through social media. Create Facebook and Twitter pages where you will be sharing your new posts. Social media will help your blog to be known. You should also have social media sharing buttons on your blog such that when someone is impressed, they will share your content.

  • Direct banner advertisement

Banner placement on popular sites will also help boost your traffic. You should target sites that get over 100,000 readers every month. The budget for direct adverts should be Ksh 50,000 to Ksh 200,000. Three months are enough, thereafter, the blog will grow by itself.

  • USE Popular SEO Tools to Learn How to use keywords

Long tail keywords are the best to use when you want your blog to grow faster. Top sites like Tuko, Kenyans, Kenyaplex and Venas News get most of their traffic from Google because of the use of right keywords. The good thing is that there are SEO tools which help these sites to get the correct keywords. The most popular keywords are SEMRush and LongTail Pro.Both tools have 7-day free trial plans.

To sign up for SEMRush free trial,follow this link

To sign up for LongTail Pro free trial,follow this link

  • Post regularly

Thought posting regularly on your blog, there is now way it will grow. Make sure that you post at least one article everyday. Your blog should have original and unique content for it to grow rapidly.

Google likes blogs which have fresh, unique and useful content. If it discovers that your blog is extremely useful, you won’t take three months to notice all its articles on page one of Google.

Note that even if you push your blog so hard,if it’s new,it won’t grow at the speed you want it to grow. A new blog must take at least 3 months for it to start being recognized by search engines. It’s wise that you leave it to grow naturally.