How to Make Money online in South Africa


There are numerous ways to make money online in South Africa. Currently, over 10,000 South Africans are earning in excess of R5,000 every month through online work.

If you can’t work offline, then go online. The best thing you would like about working online is that you set your own time schedule, nobody is there to mark attendance register. Another advantage of online work is that one can make it a side hustle such that even if you are a full time employee somewhere, you can make extra cash from the hustle.

In this article, we will point out the most profitable online ventures for South Africans, especially the youths.

  1. Blogging

Over 20,000 blogs are currently existing in South Africa. Blogging is a lucrative activity that can generate upwards of R10,000 per month. How to create a blog is what troubles many youths, but the steps are simple: Visit web hosting companies like Bluehost, register a domain name, create a free website, buy hosting plan and start blogging. The total cost will be less than R2000.Domain name registration costs R110 while webhosting costs less than R1000 per year. To register a domain name, follow this link

Make sure you create an account, then click on “domains” and search for your preferred domain name. If you find it hard to register a new domain, initiate a chat with Bluehost staff—there is a chat button on the website.

Once the blog is live, give it 6 months to 2 years to grow, thereafter, you’ll start earning money. The most realistic amount to earn is R1000 to R100,000 per month.

Blogging is the best way to earn passive income in South Africa. The money is generated through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, direct adverts and sponsored content.

  • Selling betting tips

South Africa is one of the leading countries in Africa in gambling. There are over 12 million gamblers in the country. Selling betting tips is one of the activities you can do online to generate money. All you need is an active website where you give free and premium tips. You will struggle to get your first few clients but through referrals, your site will gain massive followers. There are tipsters who make in excess of R100,000 every month.

  • Social media influencer

Before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram came into being, social media influencer wasn’t existing, but today there are millions of people working online as social media influencers. You don’t need special skills to become a social media influencer, all that’s needed are popular pages for advertisers to hit your inbox.

About 10 years ago, companies were advertising on billboards, radios and televisions but at the moment, social media is the main advertising channel for them. As an influencer, your only target is to have more than 100,000 Facebook followers, over 200,000 Twitter followers and above 50,000 Instagram followers. Once you become popular, companies will look for you and will pay more than R10,000 per advert.

The three main social media pages you should have are: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is also Telegram but is not as popular as the three.

  • YouTuber

If you can create viral videos, YouTube is the best place to be. To create a YouTube account is free and making money is via Google AdSense. YouTube is owned by Google.

The only thing that’s required from you is to produce fresh, unique and exciting videos.

You only need 2 years to break even if your videos are exciting. Your target is at least 100,000 subscribers. Those subscribers will share your videos and at the end earn you over R5,000 monthly.

You will earn money monthly as long as people view your content. There is nothing good like earning money while sleeping, which is what YouTube brings.

  • Online store business

There are still numerous opportunities for individuals aiming to open online store business. Online store is simply a business where you display your products online, customers will pick their favourite and make orders, you will then deliver them physically. Amazon and Alibaba are some of the best online stores and the owners are ranked among the richest people on earth.

The budget for starting online store business is R1000 to R10,000. What is required is a website and where to source your products from. Bluehost has packages for e-commerce websites. You can check their hosting plans here

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing comes with recurring income…which means that any amount paid by the people you refer to a particular company is subjected to a commission which is credited into your account. Affiliate marketing can be done through social media or blogs.

Every industry has its own affiliate marketing programs, it’s you to choose the best affiliate marketing in your niche. The best affiliate programs are found in web hosting, forex, betting and dating.

  • Online consultancy services

There are specific professions which permit one to do online consultancy, such professions include; data analysis, law, nursing, medicine, Nutrition, Personal fitness instructor, Audit and HR, Personal finance advisor. Start your own website where you will advertise your services. You will also be required to run your own Facebook and Twitter pages. People will be paying to get your services.

  • Academic writing/data entry jobs

There are students who don’t have time to write proposals and projects, this can be done by you. The only step you’ll take is to advertise your services online, especially in academic institution pages. You can also visit colleges to make the students aware that you offer the services.

Alternatively, join various academic writing companies where you are paid for every page completed. The companies pay $40 to $300 per page. Though this work is tiresome, it’s well paying.

  • CV/Cover letter writing

Some graduates don’t consider CV/Cover letter writing as a job, they think it’s something one will do to waste time. There are several HR companies whose owners started by writing CVs and Cover letter to clients, they later started recruiting.

The charges for CV writing range between R100 and R1000.If you do 3 CVs per day, the income is better than someone who was in an office the whole day.

  1. Rent a room online

There are many South Africans/foreigners who want temporary rooms for a specific period. As a clever youth, you can acquire rooms in major cities and rent them off. In addition, create a website that connects home owners and potential clients.

  1. Selling books online

You can sell Amazon books or write your own books and sell them online. Whichever route you take; you’ll still make money online.

Making money online is not as easy as it might look from the onset but with a lot of dedication, you’ll finally create a fortune out of the venture.