List of Web Hosting Companies in Burkina Faso


There are several web hosting companies in Burkina Faso which host local websites. With as little as 5000 CFA per year, you’ll find a reliable hosting company for your business/blog.

For upcoming bloggers, there is no need of moving your website out of the country, a number of local hosting companies will provide satisfactory services.

Below is a list of registered web hosting companies in Burkina Faso:

  • Globex Cam

Website link:


Starter—15,000 CFA per year

Business—20,000CFA per year

Premium—25,000CFA per year

Ultimate—30,000CFA per year

  • Afriregister

Website link:


Afrilite—16,000CFA per year

DNS Management—8,000CFA per year

Email—16,000CFA per year

  • Bluehost

Website link:

The three companies are the best in Burkina Faso.Bluehost is the most preferred web hosting company in the country because it’s cheap and reliable.You can also select Globex Cam or Afriregister,they are also excellent.