Hostnow Nigeria Plans and Pricing


Hostnow is the most popular website hosting company in Nigeria. It has several plans which are categorized based on the types of hosting.There are 6 types of hosting at Hostnow,they are :

  • Shared hosting
  • Limitless hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Virtual servers
  • Dedicated servers

Each of the types of hosting has unique plans with specific allocated resources.

Shared hosting plans and pricing

Larva Hosting—N2,500 per month

Butterfly Hosting—N3,500 per month

Robin Hosting—N5,000 per month

Pigeon Hosting—N6,500 per year

Flamingo Hosting—N8,500 per year

Eagle Hosting—N12,000 per year

Limitless Hosting plans and pricing

Hosting price—N20,000 per year

Reseller hosting plans and pricing

Sparrow reseller—N15,000 per month

Peacock reseller—N25,000 per month

Ostrich reseller—N45,000 per month

Falcon reseller—N70,000 per month

Cloud hosting plans and pricing

Fox cloud—N2,400 per month

Panda cloud—N4,800 per month

Jaguar cloud—N7,400 per month

Hyena cloud—N9,800 per month

Cheetah cloud—N18,000 per month

Leopard cloud—N34,000 per month

Virtual Servers plans and hosting

VPSI—N5,000 per month

VPSII—N10,000 per month

VPSIII—N15,000 per month

VPSIV—N20,000 per month

Dedicated Servers Plans and Pricing

Dual Core (Intel Atom D525)—N35,000 per month

Quad Core (Intel Core i5 4570)—N40,000 per month

6 Core (Intel Xeon E5-1650v4)—N75,000 per month

Apart from hosting, Hostnow offers SSL certificate, SiteLock and 30-day money back guarantee for new clients.

For new website,shared hosting plans are the best.When your site becomes more popular,upgrade to VPS or Dedicated Server plans.

You can visit Hostnow website for more details: