Trending Keywords for Coronavirus This Week: Bloggers Should Write More of these Keywords


Coronavirus stories are the best for bloggers this week. There are specific keywords which every blogger must be aware of, the keywords are trending and whoever ranks better will get the most page readers.

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Here are the best keywords related to coronavirus you should focus on.

  1. Italy deaths today
  2. Spain deaths today
  3. Number of coronavirus cases in USA today
  4. Total number of coronavirus cases in the world
  5. Number of coronavirus cases per country in the world
  6. Countries without coronavirus cases
  7. Number of coronavirus cases in Africa
  8. Number of coronavirus deaths per country
  9. Is there a vaccine for coronavirus?
  10. Symptoms of coronavirus
  11. Which fruits you should take to increase immunity of your body?
  12. Best hand sanitizers
  13. Does insurance cover coronavirus?
  14. Most vulnerable people for coronavirus
  15. Which is worse between HIV and coronavirus?
  16. Can I die with coronavirus if I already have cancer?
  17. Was coronavirus created in a laboratory?
  18. How to make money from home during this time of coronavirus

The keywords above will draw up to 10 million visits per week. We wish you all the best.


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