How to Make Ksh 100,000 Online in Kenya This Month of April 2020


There are many ways of making money online in Kenya this month of April 2020.You can make more than Ksh100,000 by doing what we are about explain. While everyone is not making money, this is the best time you should think of earning passive income while staying at home.

  • Selling Face masks

Face masks are selling like hot cakes in Kenya.Kikotec Kenya is one of the companies where to buy the face masks from and sell at a profit. The Kitui based manufacturing company produces over 30,000 masks per day.

In a day, you’ll make between Ksh1,000 and Ksh30,000 if you are aggressive enough.

  • Selling foodstuffs and cereals

Another business you can do online is by selling foodstuffs and cereals. Create a Facebook page and a website where you can advertise your products. Since most people are fearing to walk freely in the public, you can deliver the products to them and make a lot of money in a single month. The coronavirus is not ending soon; it might take even two years. During these years, one can average Ksh100,000 in profits per month.

  • Start a YouTube Channel

You can earn more than Ksh100,000 from YouTube if your videos are exciting and original. Almost everyone in Kenya is idle and ready to watch something that would make them happy. If you are creative enough, sign up YouTube and start posting videos. You will make money from AdSense which is free to join.

Once you have a YouTube channel, sign up to AdSense and connect it to YouTube. When people view your videos, you’ll make money. In a month, you’ll be earning over Ksh100,000.

  • Start a blog

Blogging is a well-paying profession and it’s less flooded. Starting a blog will cost less than Ksh 10,000 but the money you’ll be earning is more than Ksh100,000 every month. Of course, your initially earnings won’t be much but with time, the income will increase.

Starting a blog involves registering a domain name, paying for hosting and designing a WordPress site. To register a domain name and pay for hosting, I would suggest two companies which will offer the services cheaply:

Whogohost Kenya:


Click on the links provided above and create free accounts.

If you choose any of the above things, you’ll start making money online in Kenya.


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