List of Web Hosting Companies in Luxembourg


Almost all web hosting companies in Luxembourg have shared hosting plans, dedicated servers and VPS hosting, which are important plans for web hosting. We would like to provide a full list of credible websites hosting companies and links to their website to make it easier for you to buy hosting services.

1.Lux Hosting

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Hosting plans and pricing

Reliable Private Web Hosting Packages

 Private Visit—0,08€ per month

Private Home Business—2,00€per month

Private Small Business—4,00€ per month

Private Business Start-up—8,00€per month

Luxembourg Business Hosting Services plans and pricing

Business Hosting Basic—12,50€ per month

Business Hosting Plus—21,25€ per month

Business Hosting Professional—28,12€per month

Business Hosting Millennium—41,66€per month

VPS Plans and pricing

Standard –18,49€ per month

Optimal —21,49€ per month

Power—26,92€ per month

Premium—41,84€ per month

Enterprise—65,68€ per month

Cheap Reseller Hosting Plans and pricing

Starter— 21,74€ per month

Beginner—41,30€ per month

Professional—81,74€ per month

Millenium—160,86€ per month ASBL Hosting Plans and pricing

ASBL Small–0,90€ per month

ASBL Start—2,09€ per month

ASBL Basic —3,40€ per month

ASBL Plus—6,30€ per month


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Plans and pricing

Basic—- 25 €/month

Business— 40 €/month

Pro— 80 €/month


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Hosting Packages – shared Hosting

ProWeb S–0.80 € per Month

ProWeb M–1.50 € per month

ProWeb L—3.50 € per month

ProWeb XL—4.50 € per month

Cloud Server hosting plans and pricing

Cloud Entry 1 vCore 2 GB SSD 20 GB 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6 1 GBit/s – 20 TB Traffic 6 €
Cloud Pro 2 vCore 4 GB SSD 40 GB 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6 1 GBit/s – 20 TB Traffic 12 €
Cloud Business 2 vCore 8 GB SSD 80 GB 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6 1 GBit/s – 20 TB Traffic 19 €
Cloud Enterprise 4 vCore 16 GB SSD 160 GB 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6 1 GBit/s – 20 TB Traffic 29 €
Cloud Power XXL 8 vCore 32 GB SSD 240 GB 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6 1 GBit/s – 20 TB Traffic 46 €

WordPress Hosting Packages with preinstalled WordPress.

WP Entry—3.50 € per month

WP Professional—4.50 € per month

WP Business—7.50 € per month

WP EnterpriseWP Enterprise–9.50 € per month


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XS—2 € per month

S–20€ per month

M—40€ per month

L—60 € per month

XL—120€ per month

XXL—200€ per month


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Plans and pricing

Free Webcart—5,85 annually

Service Starter—24,94 annually

Service LuxPremium—44,95 annually

Service Advanced—44,95annually

Service Pro—20,30quarterly

Service Star—25,39quarterly

Service Business–10,18monthly

Service Giant–15,25monthly

Service Xtra–19,95monthly

Service Xtra+–29,96annually


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Contacts SARL
B.P. 16
L-8505 Noerdange

+352 20 601 001

+352 20 600 379

Shared Hosting prices and pricing

Relax S —1,64€/pro Monat

Relax M—2,48€/pro Monat

Relax L—4,55€/pro Monat

LUXPack–5,38€/pro Monat

Relax XL—8,72€/pro Monat

WordPress Hosting and Pricing

WP Starter —10€/pro Monat

WP Business—25€/pro Monat

WP Pro—50€/pro Monat

Reseller Hosting plans and pricing

XS—19€/pro Monat

S—39€/pro Monat

M—59€/pro Monat

L—79€/pro Monat

XL—-159€/pro Monat

VPS Hosting plans and pricing

VPS S—ab 25€/pro Monat

VPS M—ab 35€/pro Monat

VPS L—ab 56€/pro Monat

VPS XL—ab 79€/pro Monat


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15.Monster Host

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16.Eden Host

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