List of Web Hosting Companies in Slovenia


We only list reliable, cheap and excellent web hosting companies in Slovania.If you own a small website, look for hosting companies with shared hosting plans and if your site is big, one that gets over 500,000 monthly visits, go for Dedicated Servers.

Below is a list of all websites hosting companies in Slovenia, features of each company and pricing.

A2 Hosting

Website link:

Kinsta WordPress Managed Hosting

Website link:

LiquidWeb Hosting

Website link:


Website link:

Web hosting plans and pricing

Level1—€ 1.95 per month     

Level4—€ 5.02 per month

Level 9—€ 10.15 per month

Level 19—€ 20.40 per month

Hetzner Dedicated Servers Plans and pricing

AX41— 47.58 € per month

AX41-NVMe— 47.58 € per month

EX42—47.58 € per month

EX42-NVMe—47.58 € per month

EX52—65.88 € per month

AX51—71.98 € per month

AX51-NVMe—71.98 € per month

There is also VAT which every client must pay.


Website link:

Servers World

Website link:


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