Who Owns ShoutmeLoud


Shoutmeloud is owned by Harsh Agrawal, an Indian blogger who trained as an IT Engineering expert but ended up being a blogger.

He started his blogging journey in 2008 with BlogSpot but later moved to WordPress after registering https://www.shoutmeloud.com

Harsh Agrawal has been a resourceful blogger ever since he launched his blogging career; so far he has written over 10,000 articles and inspired many Indian bloggers to make it as career bloggers.

Shoutmeloud is a blog that educates bloggers on how to make money online and available hosting companies for bloggers. It also motivates bloggers, especially the upcoming ones.

Harsh’s income was low during his first year but it grew gradually to stand at slightly above $30,000 per month. He is ranked among top 100 richest bloggers in the world.

His Shoutmeloud blog receives more than 1.5 million page views per month. Harsh makes his money through affiliate marketing, direct adverts, sponsored articles, paid reviews and selling e-books. He charges $1200 to review products of a company.

One of Harsh’s challenge was to find a good web hosting company for his sites. Luckily, he settled on Kinsta, which is currently the best WordPress Managed hosting company in the world. Kinsta currently hosts several top bloggers.You can check Kinsta plans and pricing here.

The blogger is regarded as a selfless online influencer who’s start keeps on rising despite stiff competition from fellow bloggers.

If you need someone to motivate you as a blogger, Harsh is one of the people to rely one. He has written numerous motivational articles for bloggers. There are also a number of articles to guide you on how to become successful as a blogger.


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