Amount of Money Linda Ikeji Earns Per Month


Linda Ikeji is the richest blogger in Africa with an estimated net worth of $50 million. The celebrated blogged earns between $100,000 and $500,000 per month based on the number of adverts she wins for her blog.

Linda became a professional blogger in 2007.She started with BlogSpot and later bought the current domain Her initial income was not enough to pay even rent but with consistency in blogging, she managed to win thousands of readers.

Linda Ikeji Blog

Before she became a professional blogger, Linda was an actress. She studied English Language at the University of Lagos. Her passion for blogging developed when she was doing online writing to support her parents.

Linda’s blog receives over 15 million visits per month, it’s among top 20 most visited blogs in Nigeria. The blogger earns money through sponsored content, direct adverts and Google AdSense.

Here is how she makes the money:

Google AdSense–$15,000 per month

Direct Advertisements–$30,000 per month

Sponsored articles–$5,000 per month

Other sources–$1,000 per month

Out of her hard work, she has managed to buy herself a house worth over $100,000. The magnificent house has 11 rooms. She also owns fleet of cars, including a Range Rover valued at $100,000.

As a professional blogger, Linda has managed to accumulate wealth in the neighborhood of $50 million. There is no single blogger who has managed to come closer to her in terms of income.

In 2012, Linda was listed by Forbes as one of the 20 most influential women in Africa. She currently owns Linda Ikeji blog and Linda Ikeji TV.

Linda is a classic example of how blogging can be a source of wealth if it’s perceived as a profession like any other traditional career. Her online influence has borne other young and successful Nigerian bloggers.

For one to reach the level of Linda Ikeji, they must dedicate all their energy in blogging as well as build authority blogs.


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