List of Trending Keywords for Bloggers in Kenya This Week


Every week, you should be here to learn about trending keywords for bloggers. This week we have a number of keywords that you should post on your blog to help you make more money during lockdown/curfew period.

As you know, some blogs are not receiving visitors at all because all focus is on coronavirus. Specific keywords concerning coronavirus and related information will help you resurrect your blog.

One of the trending keyword is ‘Face mask’. The government has imposed penalties on Kenyans who don’t wear Face masks in public, offices and matatus. Since a large number of people is poor, they are looking for places to buy cheap masks. Your work as a blogger is to give these people directions.

Here is a complete list of keywords for your blog this week:

  1. How to travel from Nairobi to other towns during lockdown
  2. Where to buy cheap Face masks in Nairobi
  3. How to buy cheap masks online
  4. How to start a blog
  5. How to survive in Kenya without a job
  6. Ruth Matete husband
  7. Which companies are employing in Kenya this month?
  8. How to treat coronavirus at home.
  9. Chances of surviving coronavirus
  10. Best online shops in Kenya.

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The truth of the matter is, some blogs have lost a significant number of readers since most countries reported coronavirus cases. In order to remain relevant, they have to post articles related to coronavirus. But they should be careful not to write general topics like, “symptoms of coronavirus”. Google changed its algorithm and at the moment only the authoritative blogs rank on page 1. As a blogger, you should target those keywords which are not used by authority blogs.