Bloggers Diversify Their Sources of Income As AdSense Revenues Shrink Due to Coronavirus


Coronavirus has brought devastating effects on the world; most companies have closed down and workers advised to remain indoors. AdSense, which is the major source of revenue for 90% of bloggers has been hit hard as companies fail to submit advertisements.

Majority of bloggers have admitted that their income from AdSense have reduced significantly over the past one month.

“I used to get 500,000 page views per month and my AdSense income averaged $1,200 but for the past two months, my income has dropped to less than $800.Surprisingly, traffic has remained constant”, one of the bloggers confirmed.

It’s a common norm among bloggers that when they start monetizing with AdSense, the idea of seeking other sources of income don’t pop up. But the fact that Coronavirus happened, many of them have tried to look for more ways to make money online. Affiliate programs have seen many bloggers joining them. Other bloggers have opted to sell face masks online.

The major reason AdSense revenues shrank is because Advertisers are not getting value for their money because the consumers of their products are locked in their houses. Most companies which were paying high for advertisements are no longer advertising, they are waiting for the crisis to be over so as to continue advertising.

The good news is that not every blogger is affected by this coronavirus issue,there are specific bloggers who have benefitted from the crisis, like

This blog’s traffic has increased by 10 million page views per day. It’s AdSense revenue per month has grown from $10,000 to over $100,000.

For other bloggers,in order to maintain their income margins,they have to post more about coronavirus or start attracting sponsored articles and direct banners.In the meantime,AdSense revenues are low and they won’t increase in the near future. Coronavirus crisis may take up to 18 months.


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