Web Hosting Companies Affiliate programs for South African Bloggers


There are several affiliate program for bloggers in South Africa. More specific are programs by web hosting companies. We single out web hosting because it’s one of the highest paying niche for website hosting bloggers.

A blogger can earn up to R200 per sale especially if they sell Dedicated Server plans. Affiliate program will certainly pay you more than AdSense if you know the language of affiliate marketing.

Below is a list of Web hosting affiliate programs in South Africa.

  • Stallion Hosting

Website link: https://www.stallionhosting.com/affiliate-program.html

Stallion pays the following commissions:

Qualifying Products/Services Commission Price
Web Hosting
Colt Package Earn R 12.50 commission per month R 50/month
Mare Package Earn R 16.25 commission per month R 65/month
Stallion Package Earn R 30.00 commission per month R 120/month
Reseller Hosting
Standard Earn R 40.00 commission per month R160/month
Proseller Earn R 57.50 commission per month R 230/month
Corporate Earn R 73.75 commission per month R 295/month
  • Neolo

Website link: https://www.neolo.com/south-africa/affiliates/

Currently the commission is 30% recurrent, ie if you refer 5 customers who each pay 10 USD a month, you would be 3 USD (30% of 10 USD) * 5 customers = 15 USD a month

Payments are made through PayPal

  • Absolute Hosting

Absolute hosting is another popular hosting company in South Africa which offer affiliate program for bloggers. The program pays up to 50% per sale.

Affiliate program link: https://absolutehosting.co.za/hosting/reseller/web-hosting-affiliate

  • Ample Hosting

Website link: https://www.amplehosting.co.za/affiliates/

Ample Hosting pays 10% per referral.

Commission is due for the first sale per new customer you refer to us and is paid over to you 45 days after they sign up with us (provided payment from the new client has been made to us).

Commission will be put into your billing account with us, withdrawals can be made once your balance reaches R200

  • GoDaddy

Website link: https://sg.godaddy.com/affiliate-programs

You will earn 15% of every sale you make.

  • Linux Web

Website link: https://www.linuxweb.co.za/company/affiliate-program

Linux Web pays 10% commission for each successful sale.

  • SA Domain

Website link: https://www.sadomain.co.za/knowledgebase/115/Affiliate-Program.html

  • Host Cow

Website link: https://hostcow.co.za/accounts/affiliates.php

  • Visual Web Technologies

Website link: https://visualwebtechnologies.com/affiliate-program.php

You will get up to 30% per successful sale.