How much money can a Kenyan Blogger Make Per Month


The amount of money a blogger can make in Kenya depends on the revenue streams and the amount of traffic his blog receives. The average income of a blogger is Ksh 50,000 per month. However, there are some bloggers who earn less than Ksh 20,000 and others more than Ksh100,000 and it all depends on how popular their blogs are.

We have several categories of bloggers: there are those who make money from YouTube, others from Facebook, others Instagram, the rest from their personal blogs. A complete blogger is one that owns a stable blog because he has full control of the site. These are the people we are focusing on in this article.

When a new blog is being created, traffic numbers are low. Making money from the blog is hard but as the owner adds more quality articles, traffic numbers would rise, translating to more income. Initially, all bloggers register for AdSense. This is an income stream which is provided by Google. About 98% of Kenyan bloggers earn from AdSense.

The amount of money a Kenyan earns from AdSense depends on niche, where they attract traffic from,the number of readers and the keywords they use for the blog articles.Roughly,here is what you expect to earn based on traffic numbers;

10,000 visits per month—Ksh 1,000

20,000 visits per month—Ksh 1,800

30,000 visits per month—Ksh 3,000

50,000 visits per month—Ksh 7,000

70,000 visits per month—Ksh10,000

100,000 visits per month—Ksh 15,000

150,000 visits per month—Ksh 25,000

200,000 visits per month—Ksh 35,000

250,000 visits per month—Ksh 40,000

300,000 visits per month—Ksh 50,000

400,000 -600,000 visits per month—Ksh 120,000

Over 1 million visits per month—Ksh200,000 and above

Most bloggers receive between 20,000 and 200,000 visits per month, meaning that their income is not more than Ksh70,000. But there are some blogs which get over 1 million readers. Here are some of them and the amount they generate:

Tuko—Ksh 3 million per month

Ghafla—Ksh 900,000 per month

Kenyans—Ksh2 million per month

Kahawatungu—Ksh 300,000 per month

Citizen TV—Ksh 2.5 million per month

Pulselive Kenya—Ksh1.5 million per month

Business Daily Africa—Ksh400,000 per month

Business Today—Ksh250,000 per month

Nairobi Wire—Ksh200,000 per month

Established bloggers earn from AdSense, direct adverts and sponsored content. Some of them include Venas News, Victor Matara, Tuko, Ghafla, Kenyans and Standard Digital. It’s not easy to attract direct adverts unless your blog is extremely famous. But once you start getting sponsored articles and stand-alone banners, your income must cross over Ksh 300,000 every month.

If you have not started blogging, you should first know that this is not a gold mine industry, you have to toil in order to earn. If you come with the intention of becoming a millionaire overnight, you’ll be disappointed. I have witnessed dozens of bloggers who came with high hopes but they ended up surrendering as soon as they started. Blogging needs patience, hard work, strategy and dedication.

Your target as a blogger is to get over 100,000 page views per month. With this traffic, you are able to earn at least Ksh30,000 from AdSense. You should also target an industry which is not so competitive so as to attract direct adverts. Some industries like Agriculture and forex are not flooded. If you venture into these two niches, you’ll grow faster and make more money.

I always advise bloggers to move away from Google AdSense. I am one of the many bloggers who solely depended on AdSense but when other millionaire bloggers approached me, I changed my mind. It’s extremely hard to succeed as a blogger if your income comes from AdSense. Currently, I am into affiliate marketing and since I started monetizing with affiliate programs, my income grew by 1,000%. Almost all the millionaire bloggers monetize with affiliate programs.

Before I conclude, there is also one thing I wish to tell new bloggers. You see, when a new blog is created, it doesn’t grow automatically. The blog takes up to 2 years before it starts receiving meaningful traffic. It requires a lot of patience for one to actively blog for two years without income. Blogging requires passion, which is why only passionate bloggers succeed. So, don’t create a blog today and expect to make a million tomorrow.