Factors To Consider Before Buying Bulk SMS From a Company


Before buying bulk SMS services from a company, there are important factors you should consider. Make sure that you don’t rush to buy before you confirm the following.

  • Reviews from clients

Reviews from clients are important. Go to the company’s social media accounts and see how followers are reacting. If you find that so many people are complaining about the company, don’t buy their services.

You can also visit the company’s website and see how people are commenting. In addition, see whether there are bloggers who have reviewed the company’s services.

  • Cost

Don’t go for the cheapest services and also avoid the most expensive companies. Some of the cheapest companies have hidden costs which are factored in when you join them.

The bulk SMS company should be pocket friendly to everyone regardless of the number of SMS you’re going to send.

  • Type of clients using the services

Most people ignore this factor but it’s very important. Almost every company provides details of their clients to attract new customers. If you find that big institutions are using the service, that should be the most ideal company to subscribe to.

If you have time, call the company to ask about the names and contact of their clients, then go ahead to seek more information from the clients about the company.

  • Confidentiality of information

The worst mistake I made in 2018 when I engaged one company for bulk SMS was the fact that I didn’t consider confidentiality. The phone numbers must be confidential and the company offering the services must not share with anyone without your permission. There are some companies which sell the information to a third party, thus breaching the confidentiality rule.


If you are going to send millions of SMSs, the bulk SMS company should give you a discount. One will easily tell whether a company is good or not based on how they have structured SMS packages. Good companies give free SMSs when someone is joining them for the first time. Other companies will even tell you that if you spend a certain amount of SMS, they will give you a discount.

  • Customer service

Bulk SMS companies should develop excellent platforms for their members. Customer service is also important. As I said earlier, you have to check their social media accounts to determine how they respond to clients. You will know from the company’s responses.

  • Honesty

Some companies are not honest with their clients. You will buy 1 million SMS and find that they are deducting some to sell to other clients without a client noticing. You should buy from someone you can trust.


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