Best WordPress Hosting Companies in Kenya


There are specific companies which offer WordPress Hosting Services. Managed WordPress Hosting is purely for WordPress CMS only and it’s comparable to Dedicated Server Hosting. Bloggers with high traffic sites prefer Managed WordPress services over Shared /VPS services.

One advantage of Managed WordPress is that resources allocated are unlimited, they are scalable. In addition, there are experts who take care of your site especially in regards to new WordPress updates.

Here are the leading hosting companies with Managed WordPress Services:

  • HostPinnacle

Website link:

Plans and pricing

—Starter—Ksh 1,500 per year

—Standard—Ksh3,500 per year

—Executive—Ksh10,000 per year

Buy HostPinnacle plans here:

  • Whgohost Kenya

Whogohost offers some of the best hosting packages in the industry. You can decide to buy monthly plans or yearly plans based on your budget.

Here are the annual plans and pricing for WordPress Hosting

—WP Beginner—Ksh5,120 per year

—WP Standard—Ksh8,000 per year

—WP standard Plus—Ksh12,800 per year

Whogohost link:

  • Kenya Website Experts

Kenya Website Experts offers shared hosting services,VPS and Dedicated Server hosting services. If you have a WordPress hosting site, choose one of the following plans:

—Starter—Ksh2,100 per year

—Standard—Ksh4,100 per year

—Bronze Plan—Ksh7,100 per year

—Gold—Ksh14,100 per year

For a new WordPress website, Starter plan is the best. If your website gets over 100,000 visits per month, choose Gold plan.

Kenya Website Experts link:

  • Mambo Microsystems Ltd

Mambo Microsystems Ltd has plans which are purely dedicated for WordPress websites. The cheapest plan costs Ksh 3000 per year and the most expensive is Ksh9,000 per year.

Here are the plans and pricing for each:

—-Economy—Ksh3,000 per year

—-Standard—Ksh3,600 per year

—-Business—Ksh 9,000 per year

Mambo Microsystems Website link:

  • Skyhost

Skyhost offers cheap WordPress hosting for clients who prefer this service. Their plans are distributed as follows:

—-Basic—Ksh2,100 per year

—-Standard—Ksh4,100 per year

—-Silver—Ksh7,100 per year

—-Gold—Ksh14,100 per year

Website link:

  • Oraweb Hosting

Another reliable company for WordPress hosting is Oraweb.It offers extremely cheap and reliable services. The plans and pricing are outlined as follows:

—Host Starter—Ksh2,000 per year

—-Host Plus—Ksh4,000 per year

—Host Pro—Ksh6,000 per year

—Host Premium—Ksh8,000 per year

Host Premium plan is for websites with over 50,000 visits per month.

Oraweb Hosting link:

Best WordPress Hosting International Companies

There are bloggers who prefer international companies. The major difference between local and international companies is the quality of services provided. International companies like Kinsta offer the best services especially in relation to customer care.

If you wish to host with international companies, here are three hosting companies to choose from;