Best WordPress Hosting for Agencies


The best WordPress Hosting company for agencies is one that provides real time customer support as well as make available all the necessary resources especially when traffic is high. The hosting company must have 24/7 customer service staff who are able to monitor the agencies websites and rectify any errors in the websites.

Every web hosting company has packages for small websites as well as for agencies but when it comes to agencies, there are some hosting companies who don’t meet the expectations of their clients. Many web hosting companies prefer customers for shared hosting customers because their websites don’t require a lot of resources and technical expertise. Before you decide to host your website, make sure you read reviews for several hosting companies before deciding on which one to pick. It’s usually expensive to migrate a website from one hosting company to the other and it’s not advisable to move regularly because of SEO issues.

There are two best hosting companies for WordPress every agency should focus on. The first one is Bluehost and the second one Kinsta.Kinsta is preferred for WordPress sites that receive more than 1 million visitors per month while Bluehost is recommended by WordPress organization as the best WordPress Hosting company.

—-Kinsta WordPress agency hosting

Kinsta agency pricing starts from as little as $200 per month. The price will increase based on the number of visits your site gets.

Here is the pricing for agency hosting services at Kinsta

Business3—$300 per month

Business4—$400 per month

Enterprise1—$600 per month

Enterprise2—$900 per month

Enterprise3—$1,200 per month

Enterprise4–$1,500 per month

To know more about the plans, follow this link to visit Kinsta hosting website

There are numerous advantages of hosting your website with Kinsta.


Speed is important when it comes to online business. If your website has low loading speed, potential customers will be discouraged and move to the next available website with similar services. Kinsta’s servers guarantee the speed of Google. If you searched for anything on Google, you’ll agree with me that no website on earth can open as fast as Google. Since Kinsta uses Google servers and infrastructure, all websites hosted by the company are extremely light and their opening speed is blazing fast.

2.No hidden charges

The amount shown on the website is the same amount you will be charged, there are no hidden charges.

3. Scalable resources

Another advantage of Kinsta is that their resources are scalable. Even if your site exhausts it’s allocated resources, it won’t be suspended, instead it will be allocated extra resources which you will be charged at the end of the month.

4.Your site will be fully managed by Kinsta staff

When there are new WordPress updates, it’s the work Kinsta staff to make the changes to all sites on their servers. This means that even if you do have technical skills, your site will run perfectly.

5.Free Migration

All websites which relocated to Kista are offered free migration services. We understand that other hosting companies will charge up to $300 to migrate a website.

6.Free SSL Certificate

Kinsta offers free SSL certificate to all websites in their servers.SSL certificate is important for security reasons. To avoid malware and virus attacks, every agency must install SSL certificate.

7.Excellent customer service

One of the reasons why many agencies are moving to Kinsta is because it has excellent customer service. It takes less than 3 minutes for Kinsta staff to respond once you initiate a conversation online. Their customer service is available 24/7

8.You can pay monthly or annually

Payment is done monthly or annually. If you choose annual payment, there is a discount of 2 months. If the monthly price is $200 and you decide to pay once a year, you’ll be given a discount of $400.

When you pay monthly and you get late, there is a window period of 14 days. Your site will run normally after the expiry of the payment period for 14 days. Kinsta will notify you when the 14 days are over.

How to host with Kinsta

Step 1

Follow this link to create a free account

Step 2

Click on plans and choose the type of plan you need.

Step 3

Proceed to make the payment. In case you get any problem with the payment, start a live chat via this link

Kinsta will migrate your site within few minutes.

Here are some of the Kinsta clients:

  • Intuit
  • Ricoh
  • Michigan Aerospace
  • Shoutmeloud
  • Neuralab
  • CodeinWP
  • The Sport Review
  • ClickWP
  • aThemes

——–Bluehost WordPress Hosting for agencies

The second most popular and most recommended agency hosting company is Bluehost.It offers hosting for eCommerce sites and for other WordPress sites with millions of monthly visits.

Bluehost WordPress Pro is the package for agencies. Pricing range between $19.95 and $49.95 per month. There are three available plans.

    Jetpack Site Analytics (Basic)     Jetpack Premium Included     Jetpack Pro Included
    Marketing Center     Business Review Tools     Unlimited Backups and Restore
    100+ Free WordPress Themes     Bluehost SEO Tools     PayPal Integration
    Daily Scheduled Backups     Jetpack Ads Integration     Unlimited Video Compression
    Malware Detection and Removal     10GB Video Compression     Elastic Search
    Domain Privacy + Protection     Blue Sky Ticket Support     Blue Sky Chat Support
    1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days     1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days     1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days

Bluehost is cheaper than Kinsta but the sites it hosts are of fewer traffic. If you own a website with less than 2 million monthly visits, Bluehost is the best but if the traffic is over 2 million visits, choose Kinsta.

 One advantage of Bluehost is that it’s a world class hosting company with good will from its customers. It currently hosts over 2 million websites.

Apart from the WordPress plans, Bluehost also provides eCommerce hosting services as well as Shared Hosting services. If your website is new, we recommend that you choose Shared Hosting plans, click here to learn more about shared hosting plans