How Much Money Does Tuko News Make Per Month


Tuko News is one of the most visited blogs in Kenya. In a month, the website makes an income of between Ksh 2,500,000 and Ksh 4,500,000. Its revenue comes from Google AdSense, banner advertisements, Videos and sponsored articles.

Tuko was founded in Kenya in the year 2015.It has been growing gradually and it’s now among top 6 most visited websites in Kenya. By 2020, it was getting an average of 20 million monthly visits.

Most of its revenues come from direct advertisements. Betting sites are among the companies which advertise on the website. The revenues are splitted as follows.

  • Income from Google Adsense—Ksh1 million per month
  • Income from Direct banners—Ksh 2 million per month
  • Income from Sponsored articles—Ksh300,000 per month
  • Income from Videos (social media) —Ksh 1 million per month

The company has a full time Marketing Manager who sources for advertisements.

Though Tuko’s monthly income is as high as Ksh4 million, the blog has more than 15 staff members who collectively take home an average of Ksh 2 million per month. They also have an office where they pay monthly rent of Ksh 80,000

Tuko News is owned by Genesis Group of companies which also own Briefly South Africa and Legit Nigeria