How to Start Making Money from Your New Blog


When you have a new blog, there is need to start making money from it. How to start earning is the main issue for upcoming bloggers. But there are many ways in which one can monetize their traffic, it’s only that most bloggers are not well informed.

In blogging, you are your own boss and you can make as much as you wish based on your efforts. There are a couple of bloggers earning in excess of $10 million per year. Thousands of bloggers resigned from their well-paying jobs to become bloggers and are living their dreams.

How exactly do you start earning from a new blog?

There are several ways to earn a living as a blogger. Below are the most common monetization strategies:

  • Through Google AdSense
  • Through AdSense alternatives
  • Through Direct Advertisements
  • Through Affiliate Marketing
  • Through Sponsored articles
  • Through selling e-Books and professional skills

Earning through Google AdSense

AdSense is what almost every new blogger joins. Making money from AdSense is easier than earning through other methods. All you need is to sign up, place banners on your website and start making money. But you need a lot of traffic for you to make reasonable income.

To sign up, follow this link

There are minimum requirements your blog must meet before it’s approved by AdSense.

  • It should not have adult content
  • It should not promote terrorism
  • It should not promote gambling
  • It should have a top level domain name.
  • All articles should have enough text (at least 500 words per article)
  • The blog must have more than 20 articles
  • The domain must be older than two weeks
  • The articles must be unique, original and useful (Google does not approve copyrighted content)
  • Use original images on your blog.

Once you meet those conditions, then apply for approval.

Immediately you get approved, login to your new dashboard and generate banners. Place the adverts on your blog.

Your blog may not be automatically approved. In case you apply and it’s rejected, read the message you receive from Google carefully and reapply after making necessary changes. Don’t apply immediately, wait for at least two weeks to reapply. Your blog might be rejected several times but it will eventually be approved.

The amount of money you’ll generate depends on your efforts.

Earning Through AdSense alternatives

There are several companies which allow new bloggers to earn money from their blogs. I will pick two reliable companies which even viral blogs have registered with. One is MGID and another one ContentAD.

To register with MGID,follow this link:

The second company is ContentAD

Sign up here

The approval requirements for MGID are fewer than AdSense. With traffic of 10,000 and above, the platform will approve your application.

For your blog to be approved, it must meet the following conditions:

  • It must have a top level domain name
  • It must have sufficient content (at least 50 posts)
  • Monthly total page views must be above 10,000
  • Your articles must be original and unique
  • The traffic should be genuine, if possible organic traffic.

Earning through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing works perfectly when you specialize on a niche. The most profitable niches for affiliate marketers are:

  • Web Hosting
  • Dating
  • Forex
  • Gambling
  • SEO
  • Technology

Affiliate marketing require strong marketing skills. You have to write excellent articles which are not only interesting to read, but able to solve people’s problems. For instance, if someone is looking for the best camera, write an article in details describing the best cameras, then use the affiliate link once you have fully convinced them to buy the products.

I will list some of the most popular affiliate marketing companies you can join:




A2 Hosting


Jumia affiliate



There are several other affiliate programs to join. But you should pick those ones that work for you. I would suggest that you start with online shops like Amazon or gambling because they are easy to promote. If you are extremely gifted in marketing, join affiliate programs associated with web hosting and email marketing.

Affiliate marketing pays better than AdSense. Statistics show that out of top 1000 richest bloggers in the world,800 are purely on the affiliate segment.

Earning through direct advertisements

There are few bloggers who earn through direct advertisement. This happens when you build a huge following on social media and for your blog. With enough traffic, you will be able to convince companies to advertise on your blog.

The number of direct banners you will get depends on your niche, the number of visitors, geographical location and your domain authority.

Direct banners don’t come as easily as you may think, your site must stand out. I know of bloggers who have worked hard for 5 years and are yet to receive direct banners.

The only way you can attract advertisers is by creating viral content that receive huge amount of organic traffic. Advertisers will automatically notice your blog and start giving you business.

Blogs that receive stand-alone adverts usually get over 500,000 monthly visitors, they also rank well within their geographical regions.

Earning through sponsored articles

Earning through sponsored articles comes later after you have built your blog and is able to generate enough traffic. Advertisers prefer organic traffic, meaning that you should focus on the right keywords.

The only thing that will help you to get regular sponsored content is by focusing on a certain topic and ensuring that you become the best in that area.

Sponsored content will earn you between $50 and $10,000 per post. The cost of running the post on a site depends on several parameters: traffic and niche matter most.

 Selling e-Books and professional skills

One of the main reasons why people become bloggers is to pass the skills they have to others. Instead of providing the knowledge for free, you can write an e-book and sell to your audience. You can also provide professional work like CV writing, data entry, proposal writing, legal services, medical tips and recipe.

But to reach a point of selling such services, you must be excellent in your work.


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