How Much is a Domain Name in Kenya


The cost of a domain name depends on where you buy one and the type of a domain to buy. The most popular domain names in Kenya are ,.info and .com.If you want to buy domain the price  ranges between Ksh400 and Ksh1,000 per year and if it’s .com Doman, you’ll buy it for Ksh 800 to Ksh 1,200 per year.

For domain names, there are several companies which sell them cheaply in Kenya. I will list the best web hosting companies to buy such domains in the country.

  • HostPinnacle

HostPinnacle is one of the cheapest companies to buy domain names in Kenya.The company sells domain at Ksh379.Their .com domain names cost Ksh 849 while .org cost Ksh 849.HostPinnacle also offers hosting packages with the cheapest package costing Ksh1,500 per year.

To buy a domain name or hosting space, follow this link:

  • Kenya Website Experts

Kenya Website Experts sells domain at Ksh 969.Renewal fee per year is Ksh 1,580. They also sell .com domain at Ksh 999 with annual renewal of Ksh999.

If you need .org domain name from them, you’ll pay Ksh1,260 to buy.

 You can click here to check the prices of other domain names ,click here to buy domain name

  • Truehost

There are three main domain extensions available at Truehost,.com, and .org.Here is how they are sold by Truehost:—Ksh499



There is also the option of buying hosting space. The company offers free hosting for every new client who buys a domain name.

Website link:

  • Webhost Kenya

Another genuine hosting company to buy a domain name from in Kenya is Webhost Kenya.The domain pricing ranges between Ksh 450 and Ksh1,460—Ksh450—Ksh 450—Ksh450



Website domain link:


Skyhost is among the cheapest web hosting companies in Kenya.It also offers a wide range of domain extensions. The pricing is as outlined below:





Domain registration link:

  • Move Host

Movehost domain names cost the following figures:—Ksh700 per year—-Ksh700 per year

.com—Ksh1,000 per year—Ksh700 per year

.org—Ksh1,500 per year

Website link:

Most established bloggers prefer to buy domains and hosting space from giant companies like Bluehost.I am one of them who prefer international companies than local companies when it comes to .com domains. One of the best companies to buy .com domain names is Bluehost.

Bluehost sells a .com domain name at Ksh 1,100.To buy the domain name,follow this link:

After buying the domain name, go ahead and pay for hosting,it will cost you at least Ksh4,200 to host a site for one year.

Remember that you are required to renew your domain name once it expires. Normally, domain names expire after one year, the hosting company you bought from will send you an email informing you of the expiry status. If you don’t renew, the domain will be parked and eventually sold to someone else.


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