1 Million Page Views Per Month AdSense Revenue


The AdSense revenue from 1 million page views per month is between $1,500 and $3,000. The income depends on your niche, geographical location, AD placement, keywords, time of the year and the type of traffic your site gets.

Highest paying adverts are shown on websites that receive more than 50% organic traffic. Social media traffic receives the lowest paying adverts. It’s believed that when someone searches for something online, it means they have interest of the product, which is why AdSense pays more for such traffic. If you post something on social media, someone can just click to read even if they don’t have the intention of buying the product being advertised.

Geographical location also matters a lot. Countries in Africa and India pay the least because of low purchasing power of its citizens. In Europe, Australia, Canada and USA, citizens have high purchasing power. Advertiser have high advertising budget. If your blog draws more traffic from high purchasing power countries, you are likely to earn more. AdSense pays in terms of Cost Per Click(CPC). High paying countries have CPC of $0.2 to 1000 depending on the niche. For one million page views per month, bloggers earn over $3000.It’s in Africa and India where bloggers earn as little as $800 from 1 million page views.

Niche. When choosing the right niche for your blog, make sure you consider revenue from Adsense—figure out what you will make in the long run. For my case, every time I create a blog, I have to study revenue trends and eventually pick the right niche. I currently focus on technology, web hosting, gaming, mortgage finance. I avoid low paying niches like news, entertainment and politics.

Bloggers with one million monthly views can make up to $5,000 when they major in high paying niches like health, Web Hosting, mortgage, banking, technology, software, education and Finance. For those in News, politics and entertainment, the income will be less than $1,500.

AdSense pays in terms of CPC and CPM.For 1,000 views, the average income is $1 to $1.50. Most bloggers earn $0.01 to $1 per click.

One secret I will reveal to you is that you should place your adverts close to the header or inside the posts. Adverts in such positions pay better than those placed above the footer and sidebars. They are also viewed by more readers and there are high chances of being clicked than those below the posts. The best sizes are 336 by 300,360 by 250 and 728 by 90.

When you have placed the adverts in your posts, don’t change them regularly because you will lose the bidding. Google takes time to read your content in order to direct the right adverts to your site. Advertisers bid based on the content on your site. Google will share details once they have studied your content for at least three months.


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