How to Earn Money Online in Kenya Through MPESA in 2020


The year 2020 will be a great one for anyone planning to work from home, there are plenty of opportunities. The main challenge for most Kenyans is how to start earning money online through MPESA, in other words, you work online and get paid through MPESA.There are over 1,000 companies and programs in the country that offer compensation through MPESA.

What I like most about online business is that you can work from anywhere in the world—you are your own boss. The invention of MPESA revolutionized the way we send and receive money. Previously, online marketers as well as bloggers used to earn via PayPal or wire transfer but when MPESA was invented, most companies started making payments through the platform.

If perhaps you are wondering how to make money online and get paid through MPESA, here are the many avenues to use:

  • Online surveys

There are a couple of opinion poll companies which pay participants via MPESA.The money is paid after one has successfully completed answering the online questions regarding a survey. Participants accumulate points as they answer questions, the more points they accumulate, the more money they earn.

A number of Kenyans have participated in online surveys before, where they earn anything between Ksh50 and Ksh5,000 per survey.

Some of the available online survey companies in Kenya include:

Mob Rog

Website link:


Website link:


Website link:

Palm Research

Website link:

  • Affiliate marketing

Another good source of online income is through affiliate marketing. There are many companies with great affiliate marketing programs but some of them pay through the bank. Our focus is MPESA and we shall list companies that pay through MPESA.

Affiliate marketing does not necessarily require one to own a blog, one can market products through social media or by word of mouth.

This kind of marketing attract commissions; marketers earn only when the products are sold, but the commissions worth the hustle.

I am one of the top affiliate marketers in Kenya. I currently push products for more than 20 companies and earn more than Ksh 500,000 every month from affiliate marketing alone. I have done affiliate marketing for a decade now and I can assure you it’s rewarding. All that’s needed is consistency and patience. This is money you earn while sleeping, we call it passive income. On this earth, anyone without passive income is hanging between middle class and poverty…. a slight mistake will throw you into poverty.

Here is the list of some of the best affiliate marketing in Kenya:

  • Jumia Kenya

Get the affiliate link here

Jumia pays up to 20% in commission for products sold by affiliates. A number of Kenyan affiliate marketers pocked in excess of Ksh100,000 per month. The money is sent through MPESA.Jumia is one of the most popular e-commerce businesses in Africa. It has affiliate marketers from Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana,Tanzania,Uganda,Egypt and several other countries in Africa.

If you market their products well, you will get between Ksh20,000 and Ksh100,000 in your phone every month.

  • 22Bet

22Bet is a betting site that pays 25%-45% of the total sales an affiliate marketer makes. This company pays handsomely and all the money is sent to the MPESA number of the affiliate marketer.

To sign up for the affiliate marketing program,follow this link

Kenya is a hotbed of gamblers, implying that when you join 22Bet, the money will be plenty.

  • HostPinnacle

Those bloggers who are in the hosting industry should try HostPinnacle, it’s one good source of making money online. You get paid through MPESA.

HostPinnacle gives you Ksh 105 immediately you register. Minimum threshold for withdrawal is Ksh1050.

 To register for HostPinnacle affiliate program,follow this link

  • Selling products on social media

Social media has helped many Kenyans to make money online. Start a page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, grow them and start selling products like clothes, shoes and food. People will pay cash on delivery through MPESA.

  • CV and Cover Letter writing

Another online business opportunity is writing CVs and cover letter. You can promote this business through a blog or social media. The clients pay first before the documents are delivered.

This is the work I was doing from 2009 to 2011 before I became a blogger. I used to charge Ksh 1,000 for CV writing and Ksh 500 for cover letter writing. In a month, I was making between Ksh 20,000 and Ksh40,000.I also used to advertise jobs on my blog; companies paid Ksh500 for one advert.

I received all payments through MPESA.

  • Become social media influencer

Social media influencer are individuals who market products in social media.They are influencers because they command huge online following. Companies pay these influencers through MPESA for them to advertise on their pages. Examples of social media influencers include, Jaymo Ule Msee,Eric Omondi,Caroline Mutoko and Njugush.

The more popular you are the more you make money from social media as an influencer.

  • Become a blogger

Bloggers earn through MPESA, Wire Transfer, PayPal and cash. Their income comes through Google AdSense, MGID, Taboola, sponsored content, affiliate marketing and direct advertising. For a Kenyan blogger, there are many ways to solicit adverts that pay through MPESA.Create a section in the blog where you post latest songs. Musicians will pay you through MPESA to display the songs. You should also accept sponsored content from Kenyan companies, most of them pay through MPESA.

To start a blog, you require less than Ksh 10,000.First,register a domain name and buy hosting from HostPinnacle.The two products will cost Ksh 2,000 only. Then develop a WordPress register a domain name,follow this link

  • Do Data Analysis for university students

If you have skills in data analysis, then go ahead and advertise them online. Thousands of Kenyans are stranded with proposals; nobody is there to analyze their projects. Analysis of one project costs Ksh30,000 to Ksh100,000.

  • Become online broker

Online brokerage of land, food and houses is a good business. For instance, you can own a website where you display houses to rent. There are clients who are in the village but want to relocate to towns like Nairobi. Your work will be to move around the city looking for vacant houses, then advertise on your Facebook page or blog. If someone is interested in a certain house, they pay a discount before they settle the full amount upon viewing the house. Your commission is factored in the price displayed on your website.

  • Sell past papers

You can also create a website or social media pages where you sell past papers with answers. Make sure you have mock past papers, KCPE and KCSE tutorials. You should also sell past papers for KASNEB courses as well as ACCA and CFA.

There is no single website that’s sampled all the past papers in Kenya.

Make sure that the past papers contain answers to each question.

This will be great business and I am sure you’ll make millions from this business. Obvious, payment will be made through MPESA.

  • Develop and sell websites

You can do web design for bloggers and agencies but the most ideal business is to develop websites and sell them with content. Creating a website costs approximately Ksh3,000. If you develop a website that target a certain audience, then grow it for about 1 year and sell it, I am certain you’ll make more than Ksh200,000 per website. Assuming you develop 10 websites in a year, you’ll make over Ksh2 million.

Some people hate creating websites from scratch, they better buy already established websites.

  • Sell your skills online

You can make money by selling skills like baking, counselling, legal advice, medical advice etc. People will be paying to get the advice. Alternatively, you can write articles targeting specific topics and sell to your audience.

  • Training DJs

Another career that’s picking up is to train DJs online. The first step is to start showcasing your talent, then attract those interested in becoming DJs.They will come to your studio to train where they pay money for training.



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