How Much does it Cost to Start a Blog in Kenya


To start a new blog in Kenya, it will cost you Ksh 10,000 on average. There are three main steps you will follow before a blog goes live:

  • Register a domain name
  • Buy hosting space
  • Design a website

Registering a domain name

The most popular domain names in Kenya are and .com. HostPinnacle sells domain at Ksh 379, it’s the cheapest place to buy a domain name in Kenya. To order one,click on this link

You can also buy .com domain from the same company at Ksh 849.

The first thing to do is to visit the website via this link,then search for the domain you wish to register.If it’s available, go ahead and make the payment via MPESA.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is mandatory for any website to go live. It will cost you as little as Ksh 1,500 to host a website at HostPinnacle for one year. To start hosting,visit the company’s website via this link and choose starter package that costs Ksh1,500 per year.

You will discover that the total cost of hosting and domain registration is Ksh2,000.

Web Design

There are over 20 web design companies, the average cost of web design is Ksh 10,000. However, there are several web design companies which will charge as little as Ksh5,000.

Since you may not be aware of the best web design companies, contact us on for direction. One of them designed a website for us at a cost of Ksh7,000.

The total costs will be Ksh 9,000 if you prefer our referral. If you decide to contact a random hosting company, it will cost up to Ksh30,000.

The total cost of starting a blog in Kenya should not exceed Ksh 15,000.

I own 5 blogs and each one of them cost me Ksh 10,000. Web hosting and web design were the costliest.

Costs will rise when your blog become more popular, you will be charged more than Ksh10,000 per month if your blog attracts over 500,000 page views on monthly basis.