Top 10 Ways Kenyan Blogs Are Making Money


When you are running a new blog, chances that you aren’t aware how Kenyan blogs are making money are high. There are 10 genuine ways Kenyan blogs generate income from their blogs and it would be important if you become one of them by registering with a couple of the platforms.

With a new blog, you may be interested to know how to monetize it, here are top 10 ways bloggers monetize their blogs in Kenya:

  • AdSense

AdSense is the most popular monetization platform in Kenya, nearly 99% of bloggers in the country make money through AdSense, even YouTubers monetize via AdSense.

Minimum entry requirements

Your site must have high level domain, you can buy one here

  • Your blog must contain more than 20 unique, original and useful content
  • Your blog should not have auto generated content
  • Your content should not be adult or gambling
  • Each article should have at least 500 words
  • No traffic requirements
  • You should use original images

Top sites like Nation, Standard Digital, Citizen TV and Tuko monetize through AdSens.Below is how AdSense banners look like;

AdSense pays bloggers every month. Income is earned based on traffic numbers, the more traffic your site draws the more it earns. With over 1 million monthly page views, you’ll earn more than Ksh100,000.

  • MGID

MGID is also another popular company which big, medium and mall blogs use to monetize. Joining MGID is easier than AdSense. The good thing is that one can monetize from MGID and AdSense at the same time.

MGID works well when it’s placed below posts.

Entertainment, news and sports blogs are the best for MGID.You can sign up via this link and start earning

Websites like Mpasho, Venas News, Business today, Kenyan Post and Ghafla monetize through MGID.

  • Taboola

Taboola is a popular company for big websites. It works well for websites getting over 1 million page views per month. Top sites like Standard Media, Nation, Mpasho and Tuko monetize via Taboola–but the platform is strictly for big websites.

  • Content.AD

Content.AD has always been popular among small and medium blogs. It’s ideal for entertainment blogs that attract over 50,000 page views per month.Content.AD is just like MGID.

  • Jumia affiliate program

Jumia is the best for bloggers who review gadgets. It’s affiliate program is regarded as one of the best in Africa.

If you are fond of writing about mobile phones, laptops, televisions, shoes and clothes, it’s good that you register for Jumia affiliate program and start earning money. It also doesn’t matter whether you own a blog or not, you can promote their products via Facebook or Twitter.

Jumia pays in terms of commissions, which range between 2% and 14% per sale. For instance, if you sell a phone that costs Ksh 100,000 and the commission is 2%, then you’ll take home Ksh2,000 as commission.

  • 22Bet affiliate program

22Bet is a betting company, it’s popular among bloggers offering content on betting and sports. The reason most of them have come to appreciate it is because it offers high commissions, the commissions range between 25% and 45% of the total earnings of the company.

This type of affiliate program works better for all sites…but it’s not a good idea to promote gambling content when monetizing with AdSense.

  • Ezoic

Ezoic has partnered with AdSense to serve content generators with adverts. This company has become even more popular than AdSense in Kenya because they optimize adverts for a website.

Any blogger whose site is approved by AdSense will also be approved by Ezoic.

The income from Ezoic is more than from AdSense, the main reason big sites are migrating from AdSense to Ezoic.

It’s safer to belong to Ezoic than AdSense because of policy issues. AdSense is quick to ban a website after violating policies but Ezoic would give you hundreds of warnings before they ban your site.

  • Paid Banners and Sponsored content

Paid banners and sponsored content is for bloggers who have created very popular blogs. Advertisers approach such blogs because they are popular.

Any blog which attracts direct banner ads and sponsored content is a giant one, only 20% of the blogs in Kenya have reached this level.

  • Outbrain

Outbrain is like Taboola.One can decide to register with Taboola or Outbrain depending on which one attracts him most. The minimum page views per month is 10 million. But if your blog has outstanding content, it will easily be accepted by Outbrain.

Outbrain works well with high traffic websites.

  • RevContent

RevContent may not be popular among many bloggers but it’s a good way to monetize a well-established blog. Some of the blogs which monetize with RevContent include, Tuko and Forbes.

  • Media.Net

You can also try Media.Net and see how it works for your blog, though it’s not so good for news and entertainment blogs.


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