Big Win for News Blogs as Traffic surges during COVID-19 Pandemic Period


News blogs are the biggest winners during this time of COVID-19. While Google estimates that it has lost 59% of its traffic during this period, news websites have gained massively. Websites like Nation, CNN, BBC and The Guardian have seen their traffic graph grow exponentially.

What’s strange is that not all the news sites have gained, it seems the graph is favoring authority sites only, the major reason being the Coronavirus news. Search engines favour authority sites over little known blogs. Sadly, this time around, all eyes are on the COVID-19 and whoever ranks on page one of search engines takes the trophy. Since Google can’t rank small sites above the authority ones, nearly all the traffic searches fall on the major news websites.

Nation search statistics

As the news websites enjoy the moment, blogs associated with gambling & sports have suffered the most. At this time, only the Belarus league is on, the league is not as popular as the English Premier League. Sites like have witnessed it’s traffic numbers fall by 30% over this period.

The greatest gainers are blogs related to health, news and COVID-19 statistics— Worldometer being one of them. Estimates reveal that Worldometer’s traffic has surged past 1 billion per month and their income from AdSense grew from a meagre $30,000 to slightly over $500,000.

Most countries project that the pandemic is likely to be contained in 2011, which is a positive thing for news blogs. Indeed, not every negative phenomenon is negative for everyone.


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