10 Most Common Problems Facing Bloggers


There are 10 common problems that are faced by almost every blogger. It’s good as a blogger to learn that almost every problem you face is also prominent among other bloggers. While you undergo such challenges, you should come up with clever ways to solve them. In this article, we shall discuss the 10 most common problems bloggers face and how they solve them amicably.

  • Web hosting problems

Web hosting is a major issue among bloggers. While they wish to minimize costs, problems arise when there are frequent traffic spikes. Some hosting companies will suspend your site; others will advise you to upgrade. The best decision to do when faced with this challenge is to ensure that you migrate to a hosting company that will meet the demands of your site.

I was there at one time; my sites grew so big that my hosting company started sending emails to me daily. It reached a point they suspended my sites. Later, I discovered 4 hosting companies that satisfied me. Kinsta, Bluehost, Liquid Web and A2 Hosting solved all my problems.

If you wish to change your current hosting company, you can pick one of them:

Bluehost(visit website here)

Kinsta(visit website here)

A2 Hosting(visit website here)

Liquid Web(visit website here)

We have picked the four because all of them have excellent services. Bluehost is the cheapest, followed by A2 hosting, Kinsta and Liquid Web respectively.

  • Hacking and malware attacks

Almost every blog faces hacking and malware attacks. It’s good that you choose a good hosting company that will provide features like free SSL certificate and SiteLock.You should also enable https which is available at Bluehost.

  • Arrests/threats and death

Some bloggers, especially political bloggers ,have died for exposing politicians and prominent people.

When you become a political blogger, there must be frequent threats from fellow bloggers, your fans, politicians and anyone you expose to your readers. The threats may graduate to attacks and eventually death if you aren’t careful.

  • You are turned into an introvert

I know most people won’t like to hear this, but it’s a fact anyway. Nearly 90% of bloggers are introverts. In blogging, when you have so much time at your disposal, it means you aren’t doing much. Bloggers who have excelled are all introverts—I am one of them.

This work needs someone who can sacrifice their social time to create content. The more time a blogger spends on their blog, the more they earn.

Extroverts who joined this sector to make money eventually got bored and quit.

  • Frequent warnings from AdSense

There is no blogger who has never been warned by AdSense. The program will warn you as many times as possible when you violate their policies, eventually your account may be disabled. So, when you get a warning from AdSense, know that it’s normal.

  • Low income

Your income will rise then stagnate at a certain level. You may have your target at $1000 per month but what you constantly earn is $100.This problem is for almost every blogger.

In case you find that your income isn’t growing, make sure you diverse your ways of earning. For instance, if your primary source of income is AdSense, try to join affiliate marketing, sell products, attract sponsored content. By doing so, you’ll realize that your target is met at all times.

  • Stiff competition

There is no business you can do without facing competition. Blogging has become very competitive nowadays as everyone strives to make money online. To beat the competition, you have to be ahead of the game; know how to use long tail keywords that will rank your blog on page one of Google—most bloggers use SEMrush to know trending keywords, sign up for free here.You should also post regularly ,create high quality content and make sure your website is user friendly.

  • Late payment for hosting

Another problem faced by bloggers is late payment for hosting. But the good thing is that hosting companies like Kinsta and Bluehost accept late payment. Kinsta accepts late payment of up to 14 days while Bluehost’s late payment period is 30 days. This is a feature that excites clients most.

  • Getting tired and contemplating giving up

No blogger will work like a machine without getting tired. At one point, you must feel like giving up. If you have felt this way, the best solution is to take a break, a long one. Alternatively, you can pause and start reading motivational blogs to get psyched.

You will only quit blogging if you don’t have passion.

  • Lack of enough content to post

You may exhaust all keywords, then find yourself repeating what you have already posted. When you find yourself in such a scenario, it’s advisable that you get ideas from other blogs.