Best Web Hosting Companies for News Websites


News websites are mostly high traffic blogs; they require powerful servers. The blogs are also vulnerable to malware attacks, meaning that security is important. They also need scalable resources because of frequent traffic spikes. We would like to list the best web hosting companies for news websites, particularly the viral websites.

  • Bluehost

Bluehost has hosting plans for every level of traffic, small, medium and big websites will all be accommodated by Bluehost.Basic plan is regarded as the best for new websites while WordPress Hosting is for medium websites. For viral websites—those getting over 1 million visits per month—Dedicated Server hosting is the best.

Hosting price costs from as little as $3.95 per month. Currently, more than a quarter of news websites globally are hosted by Bluehost.To create a free account,follow this link

The hosting company currently hosts over 2.7 million websites; it has the best servers.

Some of the amazing features at Bluehost include;


Free SSL Certificate

Free Domain

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Unlimited traffic

  • Kinsta

Kinsta’s growth has been exponential ever since they were incorporated 7 years ago. Several viral news websites are hosted by this hosting company.

We understand that sometimes a blog can get traffic spikes of up to millions of visits, some hosting companies would suspend a website, but for Kinsta, they upscale resources to accommodate the new traffic.

Kinsta is a Fully Managed WordPress Hosting company and has packages for small, medium and big websites. Even if your blog receives 100 million visits, it won’t overwhelm the company’s servers.

One of the things every website should meet is speed, Kinsta uses CDN and other features which ensure that websites load with blazing speed.

Hosting price is from $30 per month. You can decide to pay monthly or annually depending on your budget.

Kinsta offers free SSL,free migration and 30-day money  back guarantee. To start hosting,follow this link

If you’ve been getting problems with your current hosting company, Kinsta is the right company to join. I am one of their clients and know how great the firm has been to us.

  • A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has the following types of hosting:

Shared Hosting

WordPress Hosting

VPS Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

A client will select the type of hosting in relation to the resources their blogs receive. For new or small blogs, Shared Hosting is the best type of hosting, for huge traffic sites (over 1 million monthly visits), Dedicated Server is the best. If you wish to host with a Managed WordPress plan, A2 hosting will provide the same.

A2 Hosting is cheap, reliable and secure. You can select one of the plans here

Less than 4% of the clients leave the company once they have joined, which explains why over 1 million websites are hosted by A2 Hosting.Check all the features of A2 hosting here

  • Liquid Web

Liquid Web is an excellent hosting company for medium and viral news blogs. Anyone disappointed with another hosting company will be directed to Liquid Web, it offers fully managed dedicated server hosting for all the viral websites. Your work will be to create content, Liquid Web’s work is to ensure that your site is live and in perfect state all the time. Visit Liquid Web via this link and check their pricing


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