Which WordPress Theme Does Mpasho News Use


Mpasho News is one of the leading entertainment blogs in Kenya. The blog is developed by WordPress and it uses WordPress Theme known as Newspaper Theme.

The blog purchased the theme from Themeforest in 2015 at a cost of Ksh5,900. The theme is highly optimized for viral news. It’s also good for blogs monetizing with AdSense.

If you wish to acquire Newspaper theme, visit Themeforest via this link and search for it. Using your credit card, which is VISA or MasterCard enabled, you can order the theme and start using it immediately. The Them comes with a License key which can be activated on hundreds of websites.

Newspaper theme is also being used by sites like Venas News and Bizna Kenya.An alternative version of Newspaper theme is Newsmag, both themes have a rating of 10/10.Visit theme forest bia this link and see all the themes


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