How to Buy a Domain Name from Garanntor Nigeria


The process of buying a domain name from Garanntor Nigeria is simple. You can buy .com domain name,.ng and several other domain name extensions.

First, here are the prices of each domain name at Garannor Web Hosting:

.com—N3,900 per year(buy here)

.org—N4,500 per year(buy here)

.net—N5,000 per year(buy here)

.ng—N8,500 per year(buy here)—N999 per year(buy here)—N400 per year(buy here)

How to buy a domain name from Garanntor:

Step 1

Visit Garanntor web hosting website(click here to visit the site)

Step 2

On the search button, enter details of the domain you wish to register.

  • Step3

If you find the domain is available, go ahead and make an order. Garanntor will generate and invoice which you will use to make the payment. The invoice will show the amount of money to pay and payment details. Check payment details here

 You can also buy hosting space alongside a new domain name. Shared Hosting is the best hosting plan for your new domain, it costs as little as N200 per month. Garanntor has several types of hosting but the most popular is shared hosting.

You will be required to renew your domain name every year, failure to which, the domain will be made available to anyone who is ready to buy it.


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